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Gcse Distance Learning

Willie Said:

IGCSE versus GCSE distance learning for May/June 2007?

We Answered:

hey..well IGCSE is just the international GCSE im sure u doin IGCSE coz basically GCSE is england based and i aint in since u are ther why dnt u jus go for GCSE?i hav noticed the courses/syllabi are pretty much the same.If you want to raise ur grades in math ther is only one way:practise.i used to suck at math but now im an A student and it all came frm try do group study with ur frends every other day or read from online websites and try questions on your a tutor and my friends really helped me. oh and if u always feel that u will not get higher than a C chances are you will panic/loose confidence/ get a psycological block and not do better even thou u have the utmost capability to. and yes IGCSE can be taken instead of GCSE. so believe in urself and work hard..(i hope this helped u)
best of luck :)

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