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Free Home Learning Courses

Ernest Said:

anyone know where you can do courses from home in philosophy/phsycology or something similar?

We Answered:

Depending upon the level at which you want to study your biggest stumbling block is that you want to do it for free. Local authorities run night classes up to A level which cost around £70-80 for the year plus an additional fee of around £25 if you want to take the exam. The tuition fee may be waived, depending upon who you LA is, if you are in receipt of some sort of state benefit, but I believe that you still need to pay if you want to take the exam. At FE/HE level (i.e. diploma/degree) as far as I am aware there are no accredited courses which are free. However if this is purely for interest rather than in pusuit of a qualification several American universities publish a detailed resume of their courses, including reading lists and sometimes even the materials themselves on the web. Basically you need to browse till you find something that suits you.

Patricia Said:

home learning and education?

We Answered:

Google it. Type in "free courses and the area you live in" and see what comes up.

Sue Said:

What is the difference between solvent based and solvent free tile adhesives?

We Answered:

In many states anything with solvents violates the clean air act and is illegal to sell.

On a realistic basis the ones with solvent can kill you if you breathe them in a poorly-ventilated area.

Teresa Said:

Home learning courses??

We Answered:

The Directgov website has a lot of useful information on its "Learning for Free" page at…

There are a lot of links to follow including information about how to find out whether you are eligible for free education, studying on benefits, how to find a course near you, and how to study outside the classroom. The link for studying outside the classroom is here…

Another good website that offers free courses to everyone regardless of circumstances is the BBC Learning page at…

Finally, Learndirect gives free learning and careers advice. Their contact details are here…

This answer was provided by Enquire, a 24-hour, live question answering and enquiry service offered by public librarians across England and Scotland in collaboration with partners in the United States. If you liked our answer and would like us to help you find another, you can chat with one of us right now by clicking on Enquire on the People’s Network site at

Angel Said:

Does your CHURCH provide free home individual bible courses for those wanting to learn more about God?

We Answered:

My church has bible studies nearly every night of the week. I don't think they "provide" home bible studies, but I'm sure many, many people have them.

Rene Said:

I want to do a home learning course?

We Answered:

a great site for self mprovement that can help is Success university although it is a subscription site you can have 14 days free trial to see if the online courses will be of benefit to you.
I can recommend 3-4 courses from the site.
you can have free acces from my link, without obligation to subscribe.

Tracy Said:

Are there any bookkeeping free training courses or internships?

We Answered:

I don't know of any free bookkeeping courses that would be of any value.

I would recommend taking a few courses at your local junior college if you are serious about opening a bookkeeping service. You will have a very hard time finding clients if you don't know what you are doing.

I would suggest taking at least one basic accouting course, a course in Excel and a course in Payroll Accounting if you plan on doing payroll.

Also, I highly suggest a course in QuickBooks or, better yet, becoming a QuickBooks ProAdvisor. You can check into that at There are a lot of people on QuickBooks and knowing how to set-up and use this program is a big plus.

You will need to check with your state regarding sales taxes and payroll taxes to see what is due and when. Sales taxes need to be paid once a month and payroll taxes usually every month or quarter. Check out the IRS website as well for payroll taxes. You will learn about this in Payroll accounting.

TIP: If you cannot afford the courses - find out what book they are using and study it yourself. You may be able to purchase the book cheaper on Ebay.

I would also like to recommend the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers at They have great books that you can study and you can also become a certified bookkeeper.

Good luck!

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