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E Learning Courses

Grace Said:

Can anyone tell me which company provide e learning courses in banglore?

We Answered:

learnign course for what?

special ed is for students with disabilities? are you looking for this type of program--it may depend onteh type of disability

Special Education is for students with DISABILITIES. You have miscatergorized your question. Y!A suggests a category but you need to verify it is the correct category and change it if need be. This will ensure you will get more useful responses.…

The provision of education to people with disabilities or learning differences differs across countries and (in the US, Canada, Germany, and other federally organized countries) across states…

Special education in India was present since the pre independence time, with very few schools or NGOs helping intellectually impaired children. Today India has come a long way and made a good progress in the field of disability rehabilitation. Presently India has four national institutes for effective implementation of this special education through various government schemes.

Miscatergorizations is a violation of the Y!A Community Guidelines:…

Categorize correctly.Categorize your question correctly. Placing your question in the right category ensures that it is seen by people who can give you better information and more accurate answers. Yahoo! Answers is available in many countries and languages, so find the right one for your location or language

try the HIGHER ED category;_ylt=Ar1NZ…

This is a legitimate attempt to answer a question by redirecting the asker on how to get the information needed. It is not a violation of the TOS or community guidelines.

Willie Said:

Where can i buy scorm e-learning content courses?

We Answered:

Hi, you can check out MindLeaders: they offer SCORM-compliant highly interactive courses in Office and a bunch of other business and software topics. Total disclosure alert: I work for MindLeaders, so I'm biased and won't offer any more opinion, but it does match what you need.

Charlie Said:

What are the Cambridge E-learning distance learning courses like?

We Answered:

don't have a clue to your question, just felt sorry for you cos no-one had answered your question and i didn't want you to feel left out.

Vivian Said:

When you complete AKO E Learning courses, do they give you a certificate to print out?

We Answered:

yes it usually takes about 24 hours but they will send an email to your ako email with the certificate!

Joel Said:

Do you know of any absolutely free e-learning online courses with certificates of completion?

We Answered:

you can try the link below, but in general there not free

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