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Distance Learning South Africa

Rafael Said:

UNISA vs 'Normal universities'?

We Answered:

With UNISA you can work and study all at the same time. The biggest advantage of UNISA is that most British and European companies accept UNISA degrees where other are not.

Ana Said:

Teaching Qualification for South Africa?

We Answered:

You should do either a Higher diploma in Education or a post graduate certificate in Education. Both would qualify you too teach. Try UNISA for distance education.

Alex Said:

Where to study jewelry design?

We Answered:

Others do self study by reading books on jewelry design.

Jason Said:

Import and Export studying?

We Answered:

Here are some helpful links:…

Shirley Said:

I want to get these it too much? (MBA,CCNA,BTech-Telecom)?

We Answered:

One thing about your question, you say that you feel your networking knowledge would be "sky high" after taking those courses. I thought the same, but trust me when I say that graduation is only the end of the beginning of your networking education. The first thing I learned when I graduated and got a job in the internetworking field a few years ago is that, while I thought I knew everything there was to know, in reality I knew almost nothing.

Having said that, I strongly recommend going after those Cisco certifications. If you love to study, that is excellent because you will need that in this industry. Networking is so expansive you could spend a career studying, and you would be surprised how well the IT industry at large rewards that kind of personal drive. There are those who get into the field and sit in their helpdesk or desktop support roles, never expanding themselves, and then there are those who push themselves to grow and go after network management roles in large production networks.

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