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Distance Learning Postgraduate

Craig Said:

I have a postgraduate degree in Hindi subject. Now I want to do MBA by distance learning.?

We Answered:

Though Distance Learning are ment only for working executives but you can opt for the same if you have some personal constraints.

You can enroll your self from Symbiosis, AIMA, IGNOU, Anna malai university or ICFAI.

Note: there are lots of controversy happening against ICFAI since its not been approved from UGC. But I know lots of people working in MNCs holding an ICFAI degree.

Only an university can offer you a degree and so colleges like simby or aima will offer you PG not masters.

You can avail campus placement cells offered by IGNOU and ICFAI.

Joshua Said:

Masters of Public Policy*** Distance Learning?

We Answered:

You could consider it, but I would make sure you have some internships in order to make you more competitive when you apply for jobs after you graduate. Public policy is very on-the-job training in a way, and requires a lot of interaction with others both in the classroom and in the field. Find out where the graduates have gotten jobs, and how extensive the internship prospects are before you sign up. Ask to speak to alumni as well.

Carrie Said:

Is Rushmore University who is unaccredated institution one of those many diploma mill graduate school?

We Answered:

I did consider going into this particular school since I was looking for a distance learning school. If your focus is merely learning skills for personal development then I suggest you can take up Rushmore. Especially since you are going to be in charge of how intense your studies will be (since it is an onine course).

However, if you are looking to leverage Rushmore's degree to boost your career in the corporate world, then it may not be such a good idea. Not a lot of corporations accept people with these unaccredited degrees, more so an online degree.

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