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Rosemary Said:

Tier 4 Student Visa question?

We Answered:

You must be enrolled for physical attendance as that is the only way that UK BA can be sure that you are actually in the UK to study and not work. The registered sponsor must report non enrolment, frequent non attendance or progress. If he was doing a distance learning course, he would have no need to actually study in the UK and if there is classwork as part of the course, he could apply for a student visitor visa for those occasions.

If he is a New Zealander, he can come to the UK on a Youth Mobility Scheme visa. This is a two year, once only, non extendable visa and he cannot change into another category in the UK. He could study and work on this visa and would not have the same restrictions on working hours as a Tier 4 visa.

It's also a considerably cheaper option as the maintenance funds requirement for the Tier 5 YMS visa is only £1,600 as opposed to the £7,200 (if he is studying in London) or £5,400 (elsewhere in the UK) plus the tuition fee, he is required to have in his account before applying for a Tier 4 visa.…

Does he by any chance have a British born grandparent? If he does he may be eligible for an Ancestry visa. This is a five year visa which allows him to work in the UK without having to pass the points based criteria for a Tier 1 or 2 work visa. He cannot come to the UK to study on this visa, he must intend and be able to work and have reasonable prospects of getting employment. He can however study part time. After five years continuously working, he can apply for settlement and after a further year, citizenship.…

This site should help you find colleges offering the courses he is interested in.…

Jamie Said:

How do i stop feeling the way i do each day???

We Answered:

Trust will come where it is warranted. Even if you don't really consciously know what is wrong obviously subconsciously you do. Take a break and go home to stay with family for a while and give yourself room to think it through. When you take the pressure off yourself you will eventually bring that subconscious to the surface where you can deal with it. Its almost impossible to do that when you are in the situation that has caused it though. That way you haven't burnt any bridges until you are ready to.

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