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Distance Learning Mba Programs

Leah Said:

where i can find the solved assigments for the distance learning MBA programme for IMT Ghaziabad?

We Answered:

Do your own homework!!!!!!

Gail Said:

Is distance learning programme for MBA worth doing?

We Answered:

Distance education in India is same from most of the universities and offers little to no benefit in terms of career growth immediately after acquisition of the qualification.

But since you've mentioned that you're a working professional, it'll add to your qualification and help you qualify for promotions/posts that require that degree. If you're expecting an immediate boost to your career right after completing your MBA from SMU, then don't do it. It won't do that. What happens is there are always some posts/designations that require employees to have certain degrees, and that is the area where your MBA (or any other degree) can come in handy. And since MBA is generally management oriented, an MBA in any field is considered good if you're aiming for mgmt positions.

I completed my MCA last year from SMU and though I haven't gotten an immediate boost to my career, I've certainly been qualified to apply for certain posts/companies that required candidates to be atleast B.Tech/MCA. Getting me?

If you can't spare time for regular, and there is no such chance in future as well, I suggest you Go for it. It'll certainly come handy in future and you won't regret in future.

Good Luck.

Hazel Said:

Distance Learning MBA program in Goa?

We Answered:

Before you decide on an MBA program explore the Internet for information on available programs. There is a lot of information available. some sites are limited to specific countries, such as Germany, UK, or Australia. There is a comprehensive free public service with more than 2,000 MBA programs listed worldwide. The nice thing is that it allows you to find the program that best fits you. It allows you to search for programs by location (US, Europe, Far East, etc.), by concentration (finance, marketing, aviation management, health management, accounting, etc.), by type of program (full-time, distance learning, part-time, executive, and accelerated), and by listing your own criteria and preferences to get a list of universities that satisfy your needs. Schools report their accreditation status, tuition cost, number of students, class sizes, program length, and a lot of other data. Schools provide data on entrance requirements, program costs, program characteristics, joint degrees, and much more. You can use it to contact schools of your choice, examine their data, visit their web site, and send them pre applications. You can see lists of top 40 schools ranked by starting salaries of graduates, GMAT scores, and other criteria. some of the other sites are less comprehensive, but all are useful.

Gerald Said:

how can i get a detailed data about MBA distance learning programs in the middle east?

We Answered:

I don't know a direct answer..

But this webpage

has most everything one would need to know about an MBA.
You may even be able to find a link to a distance learning program.

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