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Distance Learning Degree

Gordon Said:

Can I get U.S. fed student loans for a distance learning degree through a canadian college?

We Answered:

I had an american citizen ask this about the college that I work at. Apparently the college (Like ones in the US) has to be approved for federal loans. If the school you want to go to is approved, then you will have to find out if the distance education program is eligible for funding.

If the school is not approved, you can approach them and ask them to go through the approval process but it takes time (and often costs the school financially) and they may not be willing to do it.

Jackie Said:

Distance learning degree from Sweden, Norway?

We Answered:

The taught in english bit will be what kills it. If you want distance learning in English why not apply to a UK source? Most of the courses you name though aren't really distance leaning types.

Nicole Said:

Can i get a student loan if I do a distance learning degree?

We Answered:

As long as you are taking those distance learning classes at a credited and eligible school/college, you should qualify for grants/loans. Most community colleges offer DL courses anyway, and as long as you are working towards a degree/certificate (Associates, Bachelors, etc.) you should be fine.

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