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Distance Learning Course

Audrey Said:

can i enroll myself in a distance learning course in a foreeign university?

We Answered:

Yes, you can take international courses in other countries to improve your language by doing a foreign exchange.

Shane Said:

which is the most cheapest distance learning course for MBA and is eqally valued when compared with other univ?

We Answered:

Cheap distance learning courses are not always the best. However if you are looking for one in India then Go for Symbiosis, IMT or ICFAI

Julio Said:

Can you recommend a distance learning course for A levels?

We Answered:


Jeffrey Said:

What's difference correspondance course and distance learning course?

We Answered:

Distance learning is a course or program completed remotely from the school or university which offers the educational opportunity. E-learning, online learning, and distance education are other terms used for distance learning.Most distance learning now occurs online, which requires that a student simply have access to a computer and the Internet. However, distance learning is a broad term which also describes coursework completed through the mail, as in the more traditional form of correspondence courses
A correspondence course is a form of education known as distance learning. The typical correspondence course involves the exchange of teaching materials between a student and teacher geographically remote from each other. The student obtains a textbook locally, and lesson plans, lecture notes and problem sets are sent by the instructor to the student. The student sends completed assignments back to the instructor for grading, and exams are administered by a proctor local to the student.

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