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Distance Learning A Levels

Bill Said:

Study A-levels distance learning?

We Answered:

check out hope the information there would be helpful to you

You can have some tips on selecting the right college and list of top accredited universities etc.. @

Edgar Said:

How difficult is it to study at home for a distance learning A-Level with only online support?

We Answered:

I have done that! At first, it was a nightmare, than I loved my study. Now, when I completed my MBA, I kind of miss it. But, I know several people, who could not carry the load of the homework and dropped out. So, online education is not for everyone. Here are the certain advantages and disadvantages:

Program Advantages

1. An online MBA program is more flexible than any other because you can customize your class schedule. Online MBA programs also offer geographic flexibility, allowing students to attend class regardless of their location. Students value the convenience and freedom that online learning gave them: just in time, just enough and just for me.
2. When you study online, you not only have the convenience of self-paced courses that you can attend on own schedule, you save money in commuting, parking fees, and other customary student charges that campus students pay.
3. Quality of materials and course design: materials that are up to date, interactive, comprehensive and well designed so that they have clear navigation structures, clear directions to learners and mechanisms to enable students to judge their own progress.
4. Access to online quality resources.
5. Online assessment and feedback: valid reliable, easy to use, responsive and speedy feedback, easy to download and submit online.
6. Improvement in IT skills: the opportunity to use and extend existing IT skills. You can transfer the computer and Internet skills that you’ll gain in the process of your distance learning experience to other facets of your life.
7. In average, the cost of distance learning is significantly lower than the cost of comparable degree with in-campus learning approach.

Program Disadvantages

1. One of the biggest problems is technology and access to the internet related. The technology required can be confusing and learners may have to learn a lot of computer skills in order to study online. There may be access problems to the internet (especially in regional areas) and links may fail. Access to up-to-date computer equipment, software, help and a reliable, fast and affordable internet access may also be an issue.
2. In a traditional classroom setting, a student’s performance can be immediately assessed through questions and informal testing. With distance learning, a student has to wait for feedback until the instructor has reviewed their work and responded to it. Feedback may be slow or non-existent (which jeopardizes the quality of subsequent submitted work).
3. Students might lack adequate support when they are learning online from the professors, online library, learning resource center, student counselors, and other staff. It also includes lack of adequate help desk services. Students remark ‘When I need help I want a real person, not a computer screen’.
4. You must be dedicated to doing the work, with no one looking over your shoulder to encourage you to study. This can confuse students who think that online programs are easier than campus-based programs, or those who need external motivation or deadlines to complete assignments. If you lack the discipline to log into your class, you’ll fall behind quickly. Students typically comment: "I miss the discipline of having a class to attend and I need to be more disciplined to study online that face-to-face". The study is more time consuming and poor time management can be an issue.

Justin Said:

Distance Learning A-Levels or go to a College?

We Answered:

Distant learning is not seen as anything lesser, infact it shows you have self disapline, im studying open uni and its very hard forcing yourself to study when no teacher is there to tell you. Good luck! x

Marion Said:

I'm looking into distance learning A levels but I don't want to spend £300 on one course?

We Answered:

How about going to your local college and doing A levels for free?

Franklin Said:

Are there any grants available for Distance Learning (A Levels)?

We Answered:

There aren't any for distance learning. If you are unemployed at the moment why not go back to college to do the A Levels?

Edith Said:

How can I study distance learning GCSE/GCE O'Levels in mathematics?

We Answered:

Try this link to the National Extension College:…

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