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Course Distance Learning

Michael Said:

Help me to know about Distance learning course?

We Answered:

Nowadays many people are going for online education. It is little bit different from traditional education. There are many reasons people are opting for distance learning; like some people are busy in their jobs, some are housewives with family to take care of and some can’t go or move from one place to another and many more.
Due to these reasons behind online education such people can do their studies from home and don’t need to go traditional school or college. You can keep up with your distance learning classes via technology such as satellite, computers, telephone, the Internet, interactive video conferencing and many more. Have a look at Hope this will help you and you will find your answers.

Kristen Said:

Has anyone taken a distance learning course in TESOL with the University of Birmingham?

We Answered:

My first thought was 'don't do it!', and upon further thought... it's still 'don't do it!'

I'm sure you could take the time off work (it's only a month) to study the proper course, preferably CELTA. It's available in Japan and would be so much more worth while in the end.

On-line courses in TESOL are still not widely accepted in most countries. Even a dodgy course at a dodgy school is better than on-line.

Good luck.

Lucille Said:

is there any distance learning course in India for B.Sc Physics if I am in Australia?

We Answered: can...visit the site WWW.IGNOU.AC.IN there are other distance learning universitie too lyk sikkim manipal and symbiosis of pune.

Edwin Said:

Can anyone tell me what is distance learning course?

We Answered:

I can answer a couple of your questions.

Distance learning (and I think this includes courses through the mail, as well) are courses you can do from your home, where the teacher is a fair distance from where the student is. There are some situations, where, for instance, a whole class might meet in one location, and the teacher is in another, sometimes with another group, and there are video and computer links.

People take these classes to fulfill all sorts of requirements and interests, especially when they can't GET to another location every week or two or three times a week to take a class. For instance, I once took a whole degree where I had to drive, daily, three hours each way to classes, spend all day, then come home, because I didn't want to relocate altogether. I would MUCH rather have done the whole degree long-distance, but that wasn't an option at the time. I live in a rural area, and getting advanced courses is often difficult, and all we have here is a community college, so, if I want an advanced class, I have to do something else, and that can be done through distance and online courses.

I can't help you out with any specifics. There are some good online Universities, but I'd be willing to bet there are some scams out there as well. Do your research and make sure you actually can TALK to someone who has taken courses through whatever group you want to send money to...good luck!

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