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Children With Learning Disabilities

Jeremy Said:

What agencies are available for low-income families that have children with learning disabilities?

We Answered:

What do you mean by, "what makes it a genuine concern?" and "what benefit will come to all?" How old are the children? If you are a low income family with preschool aged children Head Start offers many services that could benefit you and they often partner with local school districts to provide special services. Your local school district offers developmental screenings for children 3years of age to 21 years of age to determine whether or not children need special education services. Call your local school district for more information.

Stephanie Said:

Is it a legal requirement for children with learning disabilities to learn a language in secondary school?

We Answered:

If he is going for a diploma, your state may require it, I believe most do. If he is going for a certificate of completion than no, he would be required to fulfill his goals as written in his IEP.

Geraldine Said:

is there a law in ar for children with learning disabilities when it comes to visitation?

We Answered:

my x will never have custody of my children. My daughter has PDD and my son has social anxiety disorder and ADD. My X does not even know what an IEP is. I have it written in my divorce that he can only take them during the summer if he complies with thier special education services. He wouldnt give my son his medicine, he believes my son just needs diciplin. and my daughter, he just parks her in front of the tv, no thank you. Go to a lawyer, get it court appointed that he has to comply with special education services and then if he doesnt comply he is in contempt if court.He could lose his visitation, its called neglect!

Ella Said:

What are some words that children with learning disabilities usually have trouble spelling?

We Answered:

its not simply the words - its all the rules.


all start with c, 4 different sounds. most letters have certain confusing rules.

Felicia Said:

How can educators support the families of children with learning disabilities?

We Answered:

First thing, to try to understand what we as parents are going through on a daily bases! To realize that the parents could just might have health problems as well!
Do not treat us like we have no clue, respect goes both ways.
One thing that really irritates me is when educators talk down to me, or laugh at serious issues. They may not be serious to others, but to us or our kids (or both of us) these issues are important.
I am going through something at this moment with one of the schools my kids go to....Light my fire and I do not put it out so fast. In other words I will try and try to deal with educators, but when no one listens I get real frustrated and if that educator doesn't want what is going on splattered all over the web they will have to get along and be professional. Since of course most educators have chosen this field. Parents learn as we go....

Kelly Said:

What is the best type of reading instruction for children learning to read with learning disabilities?

We Answered:

This one's quite open ended. First of all it depends on the learning disability. If it's eyesight, glasses will help. If it's concentration, studying for an hour, then taking a fifteen minute break, then going back to studying again may help. If it's memorization, flash cards or music may help. Identifying information with music is a great way to remember things. If it's comprehension, work with the children to figure out what each piece of the story or text is saying.

It's a case by case basis. One solution won't work with every disability. It also helps to have your smarter students aid the ones that are having trouble. Many students resign trying to tackle a problem when an adult intervenes. So, having someone their own age work with them makes things a little easier. When fellow students help those that are struggling, there's a great chance to make friendships and both the student tutor and the struggling student learn the material even better.

Vivian Said:

Does Saudi Arabia have services in schools for children with learning disabilities?

We Answered:

No they don’t and learning disabilities are not recognized here unless they can visually see it and even with that it won`t make any difference. I know two families one child has dyslexia ( most teachers think she lying) and ADHD . it is really hard raising children with major disabilities that require special attention over here .

I know a place in Jeddah, where they do test children for learning disabilities but the test it pricy . plz email me and I can give you the number .

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