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Web Design Education

Rhonda Said:

What education is required for web design?

We Answered:

I am a web designer/developer by trade. My answer may be much more than what you asked for but here is my answer.

There are two parts to web development. One is the designing part and the other part is development. The development part is more programming. And the designing part is more designing. Both parts require different skill sets. Think about it this way, web designers are like the interior designers of a house. They make sure things look good. The web developers are like the plumbers, electricians, and all those people who make sure that the house is actually functional (not just sit there and look pretty).

Having said all these, by web design, I don't know if you mean strictly web design or if you mean web development (or the combination of both). If you mean web development, computer science is definitely the way to go. If you mean web design, B.S. computer science may help but the graphic design route will probably weigh more than just computer science. If you do decide to go down the design route, be sure to make some samples of your work to show the employers when you go to interviews.

If you are looking for certificates, for web development, you can become a Certified ColdFusion developer, Microsoft Certified Application Developer, ...etc. For web designer, you can become a Certified PhotopShop developer, Certified Flash Developer...etc.

The easiest way would be to go to your local book stores and read up on books relating to web design/development. You can read some books to learn how to use certain software (e.g. ColdFusion, ASP .NET, PHP, Photoshop, Flash, ...etc.)

Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.

Marcia Said:

Computer Science & Web Design Education: Where do I start?

We Answered:

I teach such courses, from ten-session evening classes in basic HTML, to HND and Foundation Degrees. Ask for a prospectus from your local FE college.

Max Said:

Any good schools for web graphic design education? Need class for Flash w Actionscript or Final Cut Pro. NNJ?

We Answered:

Sessions Online School of Design in NY has pretty reputed programs in those areas.

There's also Anthem Institute with campuses in Parsippany, North Brunswick, Jersey City & Cherry Hill (all in NJ) with more campuses in NY and PA

I run a midwest web video business and have some talented colleagues who got their training from that Institute.

Lucy Said:

Where can I do an adult education course in web design?

We Answered:

I know you said you are already doing a home study course so this might be a repetition but have you tried:

They do quite a few good free courses so it's worth a try if you're not already doing one.

Teresa Said:

is there a web design school?

We Answered:

Try these links:

Maxine Said:

Interested in Web Design and Maintenance.....classes/programs/educat… online?

We Answered:

Any art school in your area will offer Web design / media arts.

Most technical colleges / community colleges will also have non-degree programs on the Web, although those will tend to be focused more on the technical end.

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