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Vocational Education And Training

Jessie Said:

Education or Vocational training?

We Answered:

In the US, the schools are all limited by the No Child Left Behind law, so they can't offer much vocational training, any more (unfortunately!).

Frederick Said:

what is more important for human resource development, vocational training OR science/technology education?

We Answered:

I would say vocational training since it would lead to a paying job./

Freddie Said:

what is the difference between vocational training and vocational education?

We Answered:

Vocational education or courses are offered by colleges. In Delhi it is offered by Desh Bandhu Gupta College, Saket.
Vocational training is you take training from a particular place of the choice of your vocation. Vocation means jobs.

Scott Said:

Will Vocational Rehabilitation and Education(Ch 31) through the the veteran affairs pay for flight training?

We Answered:

Is it a accredited program by the department of education?
I would call 1-888-442-4551 and ask them if it could be?
I may also suggest you call your local VRE office to ask!

The real question is does it lead a degree or a requirement of a approved program?

Eileen Said:

How can we measure the success of vocational education and training in namibia?

We Answered:

It can be measured with a ruler or with a tape measure.

June Said:

Should our public education system (US) invest more in vocational training?

We Answered:

Since you're soliciting opinions, I'll add mine. :) I don't necessarily have a problem with schools funding vocational training, but I am glad it is not a primary emphasis of schools. Learning a basic money-making trade (welding, etc.) can be done outside of the school system when a person goes into the world ready to make a living.

IMO, schools are for education, not career training. Education has value aside from whether or not it prepares a person to make a living. It improves a person's life, makes them able to be better voters, better citizens, better parents. As for higher education, that's not mandatory, it's a person's choice. That Art History major may find that $75,000 debt to be money well spent. Can they use it to make a living? Probably not. But does it enrich their life, make them a better well-rounded person, able to see beauty in their world? Undoubtedly.

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