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Victorian Education Department

Terri Said:

Dont you wish you had teachers like this when you were growing up?

We Answered:

A woman penetrates a student? (how?...with what?)
In my day it was the other way around.

If I'd just shagged a fit teacher..I wouldn't go and tell the police!
Would you?

Kristen Said:

I need advice with writing a complaint to the education department.?

We Answered:

If it is more than 2-3 pages, it will likely be skimmed or mostly ignored. If possible, you could put footnotes and then attach documents to demonstrate what the footnotes refer to.

Or something like, "On October 2nd, Ms. Brown sent home a letter (attached 'A'). She then..." Then attach the proof you have of the allegations labeled with letters.

This is an effective way to cut down the body of the letter.

Good luck...

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