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Value Of Education

Monica Said:

Why don't more black males value education as black females do?

We Answered:

Culture of disfranchisement back when it was true. Today white kids are as illiterate, ill-behaved, ignorant and drug zombied as black ones.

Read a few posts on the Y/A sections where youngsters post. Then feel the pain that it isn't a black thing anymore.

Tom Said:

Why does the majority of America's youth value aesthetics so much more than they value education?

We Answered:

Pursue knowledge?

Eve tried eating from the Tree of Knowledge and look what happened.

Brian Said:

If Asian (diaspora) parents value education and learning so much.....?

We Answered:

Exactly, as Amy said. Most Asian immigrants work their a**** off for their families so that their CHILDREN can recieve higher education.

Yes, higher; I don't know what universities/colleges you are referring to, but you're probably talking about those with no or low diversity.

Mitchell Said:

How much do you value education?

We Answered:

Education is very valuable and sometimes even enjoyable. Personally, I think if you are uneducated, you go through life virtually blind.

However, throughout history and in nearly all human societies, highly educated people have always been minorities, even elites.

The Jews and the Orientals (Chinese, Japanese, maybe Koreans and Vietnamese) are about the only peoples in the world who place a really strong value on learning and education. In most other cultures, including the Anglo-American, it is just occasional families and individuals who place a premium on them. The majority of their members are going to be more interested in things that are of a material or entertainment nature instead like clothes, shoes, cosmetics, videogames, i-pods, fast cars, skateboarding, football and baseball etc.

The Jews are a unique case. Since they were threatened and persecuted so much throuhout their history, they had to focus on things like learning, education, intelligence and always doing one's best just to survive. It was not so much of an option for them as it was with the gentiles. This is why they have sometimes been referred to as "examples of Darwinism in the flesh."

Juanita Said:

why do some white ppl believe that black ppl don't value education?

We Answered:

because the whites in america have already stamped a label on blacks and that is a negative one. The media portrays it that way so you know how white america is whatevers on tv must be the truth!!! I hate how they think. I wouldn't even pay 2 cents to it for the simple fact when you are higher on the career/education chart than they are you can just give them something to envy =]

Brian Said:

Discuss biography of Vivekananda and his philosophy of value education?

We Answered:

This site will help you do YOUR homework!

Mark Said:

What kind of value does education have?

We Answered:

Three simple words says it all. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER

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