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Uses Of Education

Carlos Said:

How come this category is called primary and secondary education?

We Answered:

Where you get this opinion from. This is a very basic term and is used to simplify the 2 different terms of schools. While not everyone understands english as well as your American language but everyone knows what primary (first) and Secondary (second) means. I have never heard of the term elementary except when Sherlock Holmes uses it to talk to Dr Watson. 'Elementary mydear Watson' Now this term is certainly does not relate to Schools as well as Primary. Do you understand why it is done now.

Casey Said:

Is education used as a form of socioeconomic oppression in America today? Why and how?

We Answered:

Sai and CC are both correct, but only partially. When you substitute garbage for what a person needs to know to make their way in the world, it is a form of economic oppression. When you bore those bright questioners to death with stultifying nonsense, it is social oppression. I had a professor in college who taught me the concept of the "Should-World" and the "Is-World". In public school, we learn the should-world stuff, but it doesn't apply to the is-world we encounter when we go out to get our first job, or begin a courtship or start a family. To shove young people out into a heartless and cruel world without the tools and ammunition they need to survive and prosper is, in itself, a very subtle form of oppression.

Andy Said:

Does Marxism use Education systems as a weapon of mass destruction?

We Answered:

Only if the recipient is extremely stupid.

Virgil Said:

when applying to a canadian police force is education a big factor in the choosing process?

We Answered:

Police forces in Ontario(and the RCMP) like you to take a Police Foundations class. Other provinces will have you do a proficiency test if you get hired here, and then want to transfer in. (It however is not a requirement, you can still get hired without setting food in a post-secondary college or tradeschool it's just harder.)

The main reason is, we're bad plain and simple. Too much American TV for a lot of us learning the wrong things, the foundations classes help us learn the basics behind sociology, psychology, criminal law(reading/interpretation), HTA(highway traffic act+read/interpretation) and all that super fun stuff. On top of that, the courses help you with the physical requirements as well as setting up in many cases the interview process.

BACS don't matter too-too much until later on, and you want to further your career.

I will strongly, strongly, strongly suggest that if you're looking at policing in Ontario that you go and talk to some local police forces in your area, and the OPP and ask them what they feel as their best foundations program in the area is. Not all programs are equal, and not all follow the OPC guidelines.

Raymond Said:

How did education change in history from being family based?

We Answered:

If there is one truth that cannot be changed is that homeschooling is indeed all about family.

Home schooling; although providing its students with an education of high academic quality; certainly has nothing to do with bringing the conventional school model into the home.

If conventional schooling was a desired commodity people would go voluntary, there would be no need to "force" them to go. (compulsory attendance).

--Quote-- Carl Rogers:
"If we value independence, if we are disturbed by the growing conformity of knowledge, of values, of attitudes, which our present system induces, then we may wish to set up conditions of learning which make for uniqueness, for self-direction, and for self-initiated learning."

If interested, the following two books make for some informative reading on this subject:
Home Education, Rights and Reasons
by: John W. Whitehead and Alexis Irene Crow
N.E.A. Trojan Horse In American History
by: Samuel L. Blumenfeld.

Bruce Said:

Education in the United States is largely financed by local governments via the property tax?

We Answered:

The federal government should take charge of creating a national recommended reading list. I really don't have much faith in IQ scores but anyone scoring over 115 should be able to educate themselves from this list. It should be classified by age and subject.

The state government should give tests on demand. Any child that remains above average on the tests for their age doesn't have to come to school but they must be tested at least every 6 months. The tests may not be on things not covered in the recommended list.

Small cheap computers make a lot of things the schools do obsolete. Little kids wearing these huge back packs to school is ridiculous. Our schools are more about psychological conditioning than education.

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