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Uk Education System

Willie Said:

What do you think of the UK education system? Is Europe's better?

We Answered:

well i live in spain and go to school here, but i have family in the uk and basically am more up to date with what's going on in england than over here, coz i watch the telly in english and my mum buys the newspaper in english.
i can only compare these two systems coz i dont know the way any other countries one's are, but id say it depends. there are some aspects inw hich the english school system is better, for example at spanish schools all you do is learn, there aren't any other activities such as formals or after school clubs (except in some school they do sport classes), whereas in england the teachers seem to put a lot more into their jobs in terms of other activities which aren't teaching in a classroom. but, as the uk's system gets more and more lenient as the years pass, the spanish school system has a higher level, in my opinion. teachers mark more strictly and exams are harder, and therefore spain has a higher failure percentage than the uk. i believe that i work harder than my english cousins (and i think im just as intelligent) and yet perhaps their marks are better than mine or the same.
so i think that english schools have a better all round atmosphere in the schools, but i think it means more to get a high mark in spain, coz youve had to work harder.

Keith Said:

Should religious schools be taken out of the UK education system?

We Answered:

First of all, there is nothing with religion that is dangerous to education. Only the new age/athiest movement is saying that religion and education are mutually exclusive. However, many if not all wisemen (einsteins, newtons, etc) have all been religious.

Not to mention, religion and education have been mixed since the dawn of time, and has it been a good idea? Its not been a bad idea until 10 years ago.

Religion is not a bad thing, people need to stop thinking that it is. Religion usually strengthens a community, it doesn't destroy it.

Katherine Said:

How can the Uk develop their education system? 10pts, I promise!?

We Answered:

You know, it's not just the school's part. In general, it's the student's decreasing interest in studying. There's so many distractions. TV, Bars, Computers, anything.... McFly (Joke)... Way back then, the parents didn't have any of these and had no choice but to just study... Well, just a thought.. But seems so possible...

Oh yeah, I didn't answer the question.. Well, what the government I guess could do is incorporate these distractions into meaningful medias for educating. I guess, more audio-visual techniques in presenting academic topics should be emphasized. For example, add TVs to classrooms and make videos for learning purposes.

Good Luck..

Katherine Said:

Terms used in the UK education system?

We Answered:

Public school is a traditional private school, where people like the Prince's go, you have to pay a lot of money to go.

State school I don't think we really use that very much, but basically it would be a school that is open the the general public and you don't have to pay.

Comprehensive school, grammar school and prep school.
There used to be a 3 tiered school system, at age 11 children used to take the 11plus exam which would decide if they went to a grammar school (where they would go on to do O levels and A levels (end of school exams), then there were secondary modern schools and technical schools, which were less academic and more about getting a trade.

Comprehensive schools replaced the 3 tiered system in the 70s, basically it's a "one size fits all" system where anyone, regardless of their ability can go. The 11plus exam was also scrapped.

Prep school on the other hand - that is something I very rarely hear in the UK these days.

There's also private schools - which are like 'public schools' in that you have to pay to go to them, but they're not the traditional private schools, which are known as public like I already said. It's a bit complicated.

Jamie Said:

Where can I find a comparison between the UK secondary education system and that of New Zealand?

We Answered:

according to the site below:
Students intending to study in New Zealand can be assured of achieving qualifications of a consistent quality and a standard comparable to qualifications achieved in leading educational institutions in other parts of the world.

The New Zealand Government has put in place strong national quality assurance systems designed to help institutions maintain the quality and consistency of training and assessment programmes. All courses, programmes and qualifications offered at state institutions must be approved by a quality assurance body.

All national certificates, diplomas and degrees offered by New Zealand institutions are quality assured to protect your investment in education. It is illegal in New Zealand to use terms like 'university', 'degree', 'polytechnic', 'national qualification' unless approved by a government body.

New Zealand's eight universities are part of the international university community. Degree programmes from New Zealand universities are recognised internationally by all leading universities.

Aaron Said:

What are some contemporary issues in the UK education system?

We Answered:

The issue of the SATs in primary schools is well documented, with unions threatening a boycott. What seems to have gone completely unnoticed is the excessive testing in the secondary sector between the ages of 14-18 (the GCSE and A Level years).

With coursework having been abolished, the idea has been to break down each qualification into units and then to allow these units to be re-taken an unlimited number of times. This has been going on at A Level for a number of years but it is now been introduced into GCSEs as well.

Primary teachers have protested very successfully about the SATs (two sets of tests in 7 years). I don't know why secondary staff are accepting this unlimited re-take system without criticism. We are testing students more and teaching them less.

Dustin Said:

Now if the UK education system is good, why does the UK need to import skills?

We Answered:

The UK education system isn't very good these days actually, and I should know, I have to train young apprentices from time to time, and their command of the 3 R's is bloody awful mostly. But the training that young people get when they get onto the workface (with the help of colleges and universities) is 2nd to none. That's why British skilled workers are snapped up all over the world. When I went to America on a holiday a few years ago, I only had to say I was an electrician when I was in a bar having a beer one day, and an American bloke who was a total stranger offered me a job and I wasn't even looking for work! So British people are flocking to work abroad for much higher pay and lower taxes, so we need to replace them somehow. There is a problem with the company I work for trying to recruit (especially) maintenance electricians with the right background. My boss has even hinted that we 'may' be forced to employ Poles and Romanians, and we already have a Rumanian in the office that assists with purchasing and payments. We simply cannot recruit the British people that we need, and people are leaving faster than we can replace them, many are going to work Saudi and Oz / New Zealand where they can earn absolute mega money.

The other problem we have is the benefit's culture. A youngster refuses to take on an apprenticeship because it's hard work and many would sooner sit at home playing their X boxes. We shouldn't be surprised that foreigners will come here if we cannot get people out to work.

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