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Special Education Lesson Plans

Ruben Said:

For all teachers... special education teachers.......(SEE DETAILS)?

We Answered:

cindylou is wrong. Neglect, including neglect of basic needs met, lack of nurturing and touch, and lack of sensory experiences CAN cause developmental delays. Children who were born and raised in Russian and Eastern European orphanages, for example, suffer severe developmental delays due to neglect. Depending on the specific issues, practical daily activities, learning how to self-sooth, and how to identify and communicate thoughts and feelings could be helpful. Good luck!

Francisco Said:

Special education homeschooling?

We Answered:

Hi! I homeschool my two autistic spectrum children, age 7 and 13. My son is also dyslexic and gifted, so school didn't work out for him either. We also had problems with them following his IEP, I was having to tutor him, and he was having stomach aches & crying every day at school (never at home). So we started homeschooling in 2nd grade.

I really enjoyed a book "Homeschooling Children With Special Needs" by Sharon Hensley which you can see sample pages at:…
You can actually buy that book anywhere, I usually buy my books at the local bookstore or online at Amazon or wherever I find it the cheapest!

Hensley is a homeschooler of an autistic spectrum child, but writes so that most, if not all, homeschoolers with special needs children will be helped. One of the most useful parts of the book for a beginning homeschooler like I was is at the end of the book. She gives recommended curriculum that you can use in your homeschooling that are appropriate or suggested for special needs children. I have tried most of the curriculum she recommends and found all of it to be excellent, and to work well with my son. My son is also a distracted learner as you mention, with the added complication of dyslexia and short-term memory problems.

Another link if you want to join some egroups which I also found to be very useful the first year or two of homeschooling is at:…

Also the best catalog I found was at: A lot of their curriculum is recommended in the Hensley book, which is probably how I found out about it. All of their curriculum is very good. I like ordering their print catalog to look at, but they also have a good online catalog where you can look at many sample pages which is nice.

Good luck with your decision! I've been there and know it's difficult!

Deanna Said:

Looking for Special Education Lesson Plan websites?

We Answered:

Olga Said:

5 minute lesson plan for special education?

We Answered:

For special education focus on reading or math. An easy 5 min. lesson plan is to do a timed reading or timed math problems. This is one way do to a quick assessment of an individual's skill level.

Six Minute Solution is a great curriculum for timed readings. You can find math timings, (addition, subtraction, multiplication or division or combo of) online.

You might mention in your lesson plan that data will be collected for CBA's ( Curriculum Based Measurement) One of those "sp. ed" buzz words interviewers like to hear. :)

Good luck with your interview.

Edward Said:

task analysis lesson for special education students?

We Answered:

Two ideas come to mind:

1. Teach your peers a basic outline of Applied Behavior Analysis as used in the education of autism spectrum disorder or cognitively challenged children. Start with the identification of target behaviors, reinforcing events, etc.

2. Teach a simple activity of daily living (ADL) task such as tying one's shoes, brushing teeth, etc.

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