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Sex Education For Teenagers

Eduardo Said:

What happen to parents answering questions on sex or sex education in school for teenagers?

We Answered:

Good parents still do. There are just not enough of them these days.

Kristin Said:

is sex education should be discussed by parents?

We Answered:

sex education is taught at schools, but parents need to be involved as well in order to develop goos communication with their children about these important, yet sensitive issues, if parents dont feel they 'know' enough, reading a book or watching a video and then discussing can be helpful

Terry Said:

Does sex education benefit the teenagers of today?

We Answered:

Hey Xiane,
Short answer? In it's present form, no it does not benefit the teenagers of today.
I am San Francisco Sex Information Trained Sex Educator ( I have been answering the phone on their switchboard for over 10 years as well as answering questions here in Yahoo Answers. I am appalled at the lack of even the most basic information about sex and sexuality. Young people today still rely on little more than myths and half-truths when it comes to making choices about being sexual. CDC statistics still shows the U.S. with one of the highest teen pregnancy rates of any developed nation. What makes it even sadder is the information IS out there, most times just a mouse click away. The schools are forced to teach abstinence based sex-ed programs that have little to no factual information. Just plenty of fear, about disease, death and pregnancy. Does it work? Just look at some of he questions here in the men's and women's health forums or especially here in the adolescent forum. It's a real eye-opener. It really really sucked the day Jocelyn Elders was fired as Surgeon General for the mere mention of the word "masturbation" in connection with sex ed. But... I'll keep pluggin away answering all the dumba** questions I shouldn't have to answer in the first place because some right wing religious idiot doesn't want anybody to tell THEIR child any of the facts about their body.

Chester Said:

Can YA start a new section for abortion and teenagers who need sex education?

We Answered:

They certainly could, why don't you recommend it to them. Yahoo Answers welcomes user input and has been known to allow users to effect change. Here's the link to the YA Suggestions forum:…

I do find the repeated "am i pregnant" questions to be quite annoying due to their frequency, but what annoys me more is the clear lack of education these girls and women have. It's very sad to me that a girl can be sexually active yet know nothing of her menstrual cycle except that she gets a period from time to time. And it makes me very sad that these girls don't know about birth control options because their education has excluded it in favour of abstinence-only "education". And it makes me sad that the only influences in their lives preach a pro-life stance based on lies. These girls more than anyone else need to be able to ask their questions on this forum and receive answers to help them make more informed decisions.

Abortion questions absolutely belong in the pregnancy section, because, well, the obvious-you have to be pregnant to have an abortion. I don't see why this would be upsetting to anyone who is pregnant or trying to conceive, it's not like they want to abort your pregnancy, they're asking questions for themselves, and you don't have to click on that question or answer it.

Nelson Said:

isn't sex education for teenagers a double edged sword?wont it tempt the kids to experiment..?

We Answered:

Well your right, but kids are going to experiment, it's part of life. Would you rather have them experimenting with just some random ideas about sex from their peers and the media, or would you rather have them experimenting with true knowledge and knowing the ways to stay safe?

Angel Said:

Do you think sex education for children/teenagers encourages sexual activity?

We Answered:

It doesn't encourage it. Teenagers will be sexual active whether or not they are informed. It is important that they know how to protect themselves properly and don't follow any unsound advice.

The information provided can also be very beneficial. For example take two teens who have a condom break on them. Would you rather they know about the morning after pill or not?

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