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Role Of Education

Ben Said:

What was liverpool like in the 1950, education, role of women, unemployment figures?

We Answered:

You should know that Liverpool as an extremely important seaport was attacked by the
Nazi Luftwaffe heavily,especially in 1940. There were 2500 dead. Lots of the city's
historically grown parts were destroyed,and after the war the city authorities had no
means to carefully rebuilding Liverpool as it was - it was flats,flats,flats that were
needed. Try this web address: It's from a Liverpool newspaper's call for readers'
memorizing the history of their town:
The first line shows you the daily newspaper,then seek
<People's memories +1950,1960> I'm afraid the following complete address
is more a mirror of a special part of that city which might not completely tell you
what you need to know,but interesting, however,it is! (next line)
liverpool-entertainment/the-beatles/ (next line)
the-beatles-news/2004/01/12/ (next line)
hail-the-king-of-clubs-100252-13808815… line)

Kristen Said:

What is the role of education in creating world class advertising?

We Answered:

none at all


Duane Said:

Role of education and health in developing human resources?

We Answered:

Dear friend,
You have touched upon a vital subject, which has a magnificent role in developing human resources.
While both are essential in developing human resources, no one can say which is superior. But I would first like to delve on Education. The role of education is paramount. Because without education, one's life is incomplete. As the saying goes, " Knowledge maketh a full man". "vidhya dhan sarva dhanal pradhan" (The wealth of education is far superior to other wealth or riches). Education makes man positive-minded, well-refined, and flexible and saner. It makes him choose the right path in his life and takes man to the world of prosperity. The fundamental thing for growth of a individual or nation is based on the educational level of the majority of the people in that country. A country with a majority of ignorant population will not be in a position to make much headway in its development of any sort. The individual is the micro unit and the nation is the macro unit. The duty of any patriotic person is to serve the country to the best of his ability so that collective efforts of all of the people take the nation to zenith of progress and prosperity. Therefore, all steps necessary to educate all the people of the country are to be taken, not only for the intellectual development of the individual, but also spiritual/mental development of the people, While intellectual development accelerates economic and technological development, if proper measures are not taken for the spiritual/mental development of the people, the country would face anarchy, because of lack of fraternity, empathy for the poor people and flexibility to work with individuals of different characters.
The Educational system should be so revamped as to make the citizens achieve not only high IQ (Intelligence Quotient) but also high EQ (Emotional Quotient). Many Efficient Engineers make fantastic plans, but they fail miserably because, they fail to convice the others and to organize people and motivate the people to take the plan to bear fruits. In the result, because of lack of polishness on the part of the High IQ Engineers, their plans merely remain on paper. This facet should be taken care of while devising the educational system which will prepare the youth to be more polished in their attitude towards others. Regarding Health, it must be mentioned that the people must be properly educated to keep their surrounding clean and hygienic, because many diseases are caused by unhygienic practices. Health is Wealth. Without health, no one can perform his/her duties satisfactorily. Even during the period of Education, people should be taught the ill-effects of smoking, drinking etc which are taking a heavy toll of the Nation's population. Who knows how many Ramanujams are extinguished during childhood. The people should be properly educated to adhere ti sound diet regime and yoga and exercise to keep body and mind fit. A healthy and educated people are the very essence of a Nation's Progress. Long Live Healthy and Educated India!!!

Gloria Said:

what is the role of education in human resource development?

We Answered:

well certainly those who are educated are the ones who are more prone to carry on technological advances in society. Those who make policy and those who produce literal works for the most part. Those who are uneducated are more prone to follow orders rather than lead. They are the manufacturing force of society, carry the hard physical labor jobs or those that carry unskilled labor. Education also shapes morals in a way and in turn it shapes the way he/she will want to provide to society. Education shapes ideas and ideas shape people's thoughts and thoughts change societies values which in turn will affect resources as some things may change priority over time

Rosa Said:

What role does education play in the prevention/treatment of deadly diseases?

We Answered:

As with anything, education & knowledge provide for better choices and decisions concerning ones health & hygiene, Its just like teaching children to wash their hands and bath properly, it promotes healthier living by promoting good habits and educating the population about the dangers of disease. If you werent educated to stop at a red light, you'd go straight through it. Its the same principle. Education in treatment is equally as important. You must understand what is happening and why so you'll give the treatment the respect it deserves and follow through with it. Hope this helped you.. =)

Carol Said:

What is the role of education and ignorance in Animal Farm?

We Answered:

From the very beginning of the novel, we become aware of education’s role in stratifying Animal Farm’s population. It is not long before the pigs’ intelligence and education turn from tools of enlightenment to implements of oppression. The moment the pigs are faced with something material that they want—the fresh milk—they abandon their morals and use their superior intellect and knowledge to deceive the other animals.

The pigs also limit the other animals’ opportunities to gain intelligence and education early on. They teach themselves to read and write from a children’s book but destroy it before the other animals can have the same chance. Indeed, most of the animals never learn more than a few letters of the alphabet. Once the pigs cement their status as the educated elite, they use their mental advantage to manipulate the other animals. For example, knowing that the other animals cannot read the Seven Commandments, they revise them whenever they like. The pigs also use their literacy to learn trades from manuals, giving them an opportunity for economic specialization and advancement. Content in the role of the intelligentsia, the pigs forgo manual labor in favor of bookkeeping and organizing. This shows that the pigs have not only the advantage of opportunity, but also the opportunity to reject whatever opportunities they like. The pigs’ intelligence and education allow them to bring the other animals into submission through the use of propaganda and revisionism. At the book’s end, we witness Napoleon’s preparations to educate a new generation of pigs and indoctrinate them into the code of oppression.…

The maxim of "Four legs good, two legs bad," which ultimately serves as a controlling device, arises because of the ignorance of the working animals. Its simplicity allows it to be easily altered and manipulated.

The sheep have no consistency or loyalty to an individual. Their lack of intelligence or memory prevents it. They are the perfect pawns for a corrupt leader like Napoleon. Boxer is a simple-minded horse who can't understand how he is being manipulate by the pigs; he thus becomes a tool of Napoleon’s regime.

Notice how the key phrase in this quote is "If she could have spoken her thoughts." The pigs are extremely reliant on the inability of the animals to articulate their thoughts.

The pigs are able to reverse the idea of the saying "four legs good, two legs bad" by changing one simple word. Similarly, by making seemingly small changes to their stories and explanations, the pigs are able to control the minds of the rest of Animal Farm as well.…

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