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Purpose Of Education

Vernon Said:

Can sole purpose of education be always linked to livelihood?

We Answered:

The important thing here is (as Survivor says) to distinguish between education and training.

Learning how to fix a diesel engine is training. A literature course is education. One provides you with a job skill, the other cultivates your mind.

It's not that there is no overlap between the two. There is. A course in economics can open the mind to how world economies function but also train one to function in the business world. An English course can help our reading skills as well as making us think.

If you want evidence about how the human race has always valued education, look at the popularity of, say, Shakespeare's plays 400 years after his lifetime. Certainly there's not much utility in experiencing this work. It's food for the mind.

Best wishes!

Rodney Said:

Is the purpose of education for lively hood or for enlightenment?

We Answered:

In early years I would say enlightenment. As individuals become more vocationally mature and aware, then there is a growing realisation that it needs to be about lively hood too. In some/many cases it is only about lively hood. If this is an essay question then your answer should explore the different opinions on this subject; there is no right or wrong answer, only personal opinions and views.

Geraldine Said:

What should the purpose of education be?

We Answered:

My key education for the children would be learning from the past mistakes so it won't repeat itself again.

Bonnie Said:

What is the purpose of public education in America?

We Answered:

The purpose of any education is to prepare its students for unseen challenges.

You belong to the first generation in history where knowledge is attached to a machine. Teachers cannot compete with machines. However there is no such thing as a wise machine is there?

Bravo to you - I like what I see with you 'cause you are building your mind.

The Human Mind Guy

Juanita Said:

What do you believe is the overall purpose of education?

We Answered:

The purpose of education is to get skills of earning money.

Hugh Said:

What is the chief purpose of education today?

We Answered:

I think the meaning of education is sometimes lost.

Having a good knowledge of education through my degree I think education has a long way to go before the actual purpose can be defined. Education should be all about the children, however there seems to be too much of a trend with schools being pushed by the Government to worry about statistics and National Averages.

After the implementation of the NNS and NLS in the UK, the Government seemed to be placing all their efforts on to Numeracy and Literacy. Numeracy and Literacy are important and the basis of education but what about the Humanities, science and Sport, creative subjects like art where the children get to let their imaginations run wild. Teachers don't have enough time in the school week to fit in all the subjects that need to be covered. There needs to be a 'happy medium' where a child gets to be a child but still learn the things they need too.

Wendy Said:

There are reasons for modern schooling, but putting thse aside, what is the purpose of education ideally?

We Answered:

I agree with what you have written here. The purpose of mass education I'm told is to make sure every one is like another, not a trouble maker and will be ready to enter society when they leave school. Know what they want us to know and do what they want us to do and buy what they want us to buy etc...

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