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Primary School Education

Irene Said:

Year nine student (13 year old) his school work is easier than the work he got in primary school. Education?

We Answered:

1) Is this "across the board" or in one or two specific subjects?
2) Is the work appropriate to your son's ability? Are the low standards in the work set or in your son's ability to do it?
3) Have you carefully examined his school books and (a) the standards of his work and (b) the standards of the teacher's marking? [This will give a clue as to whom is at fault - pupil or teacher.]

I ask this, because, as a teacher myself [in a school that had a near perfect inspection recently] I would recommend you don't address the school's specific curriculum but, instead, how appropriate and challenging it is to the learning needs of your child.

Irrespective of any wider school issues [which are the responsibility of the LEA and Inspectorate], the issues you must raise are those that relate SPECIFICALLY to the progress your son is making. The work he receives MUST enable him to make PROGRESS appropriate to his ability. If this is not the case, the school is failing HIM, and this is an issue the school must address with a parent.

To criticise the school in general is to invite a defensive response or dismissal of your points as "a matter for the Governors" .

Talk to the Year Tutor, note the responses [and let him/her see you are writing down the responses], give it a term, then if necessary write to the Head with a cc to the Chair of Governors.

Cathy Said:

can you work abroad with a scottish degree in primary school education?

We Answered:

For NZ check out - I think both nurses and teachers are in demand there though.

Naomi Said:

University Student doing a Bachelor of Arts in education Primary school teaching moving to usa! help!?

We Answered:

The B.Ed. and Postgraduate Diploma in Education (primary) are the recognised qualifications.

If you are teaching in a state school, you will also require state certification. State schools pay a lot more but jobs are tough to get.

There are a lot of areas of the country with no private schools.

Then you will also need a visa. To get this you will need a firm job offer.

Stephanie Said:

Primary school education: Why do the school lunches suck?

We Answered:

school lunch isnt so healthy either first answerer person o.O my school has pizza every day,, then just crap mush,, so everyone has to resort to pizza.. it sucks... maybe they should let us leave school for lunch.... some schools do that

Susan Said:

What are the biggest issues in Primary School education at the moment?

We Answered:

Inclusion is always a hot topic, it never goes away. Another one is formative v summative assessment when measuring children's progress. Class sizes, health education, getting boys interested in reading/writing, learning through play, behaviour management, exclusion rates - the list is endless. Why don't you go online to the TES website or acquire a few back issues of their magazine, there will be plenty to read there. The news recently focussed on a report that found that children would do better if they stayed in nursery till the age of 6 and did not start formal education till then. The government discarded these findings and said children as young as 4 are ready for school. Very few other European countries send their children to school as young as we do so this is a recent topic that was in the media and could make for interesting discussion. Please remember that it is your passion for working with children that is undoubtedly the most important quality necessary to be a teacher and this is what must come shining through when you are being interviewed, not simply the ability to remember articles you have read. When you are discussing important current issues in education tell the panel how you personally feel about them - discuss how you feel they would affect you as a teacher and any children in your class, this will win you real brownie points. Good luck for your interview!

Lee Said:

if you have a gifted child and you want him to start primary school education early what should you do?

We Answered:

It's not legal to start Kindergarten before the legal age. You must turn five before the end of December. If you want to challenge your child try looking into good pre-schools or home teaching them. Hope this helps.

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