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Post Secondary Education

Irma Said:

Jobs that deal with animals that must require a post-secondary education...?

We Answered:

If you're into biology, zoology, aquaculture etc you can look into an animal keeper at a zoo or aquarium. Those jobs generally take people who have shown interest and gained work experience for a long time before hand though. There's a lot of competition.

Joshua Said:

is a Post-secondary education a bachelors degree or a masters degree?

We Answered:

Post-secondary is a bachelors degree (undergraduate in the US). Post-graduate is a masters or PhD (graduate in the US).

Julia Said:

What POST-secondary education is needed for a cancer researcher?

We Answered:

Your first degree could be in biology, biochemistry, biomedical computing, pharmacy, or any related field. Then you'll find a field that interests you for graduate school and get a masters and a doctorate. You might work in labs between degrees or as part of your programs. After your doctorate your next step is probably to do a post-doctoral fellowship.

Kelly Said:

What kind of post-secondary education will I need to become a social worker/psychologist in Canada?

We Answered:

My sister is a social worker. She got a BA in Social work (minor in spanish) and went on to get a Master's in social work (Not positive if she really had to get this, but she wanted to).

Rafael Said:

How post secondary education should be financed?

We Answered:

The government can't afford to subsidize post-secondary education any more than it already does. Countries that do offer cheaper college educations often have stricter controls on who can go to college. They weed out the weaker students and the ones who don't test well and simply don't let them attend a university. One can debate the merits of that system all day, but things are just done differently over here. The burden of financing one's education falls upon the student and his/her family because the student is the primary beneficiary of having that education and college degree. A smart, hard-working, high-achieving student can earn merit scholarships to help finance college. A high-achieving student from a low-income family can get need-based aid from many of the top schools in the country. The ones who get squeezed out are the B students from middle-class families. They don't tend to qualify for merit aid and it's a financial burden for their families to pay for their educations. The C students in high school probably shouldn't be in college at all because if you can't do better than a C average in high school, you aren't likely to be successful in handling college-level work. But our system allows the C students to have a chance at a college education, too, if they are willing to fund it themselves.

Rose Said:

What is the motivation behind JW and post secondary education. Why are they so aggresively against it?

We Answered:

Are you asking about the push for trade schools over universities? It's because we've gotten carried away with thinking that people need a college education. Actually most people don't. A person in a skilled trade like auto mechanics, construction, plumbing, etc, makes just as much money as most college graduates, and often more. And its not just about money, we actually need them more (especially now) than we need another person writing books about sociology.

I've seen schools where 40 percent go to college and 60 percent go to McDonalds. None of them go to trade school. And then, of the 40 percent, 20 percent will learn a trade 10 years later after working at mcdonalds with a college degree. It's silly not to try to strengthen on of the most important career paths for people.

Samuel Said:

What happens if you have an RESP and the child decides not to proceed with post secondary education?

We Answered:

This site should answer your questions and more...Good Luck with your little ones and their future educational persuits.…

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