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Pondicherry University Distance Education

Gary Said:

Is it value if i do Mba in pondicherry university(distance education)

We Answered:

May be you will lose a few opportunities doing MBA thru distance education, but you sure will find opportunities. Doing MBA thru distance eduction is common and i know many guys who did their MBA thru distance eduction and are successful.

University??- I think what university you get your degree from doesn't matter as long as you got the right talent. And as an MBA guy - you should have the ability to convince your prospective employer that your degree or university has got nothing to do with your talent.

All the Best


Martin Said:

how do i wish study MBA {HRM}in distance education in pondicherry university?.can you give me the details ab?

We Answered:

Just go to the college and ask him for the details.

Henry Said:

How is Pondicherry University's Distance Education MBA?

We Answered:

It appears good course.

But if you have to pursue MBA by distance education why you are restricting to University of Pondichery - why donot you join IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University). This University is having better credibility at international level. Again Its is having centres at various places. May be a centre near your place.

Arthur Said:

Please help me out. My question is in detail box. Thanks a lot for your answer (in anticipation).?

We Answered:

You can see here some useful information on these links.……
IGNOU you can search it on this link. plz click

Sidney Said:

Credibility of distance learning.....?

We Answered:

On line degrees are gaining wider acceptance but still lag behind in the general acceptance by employers and schools.

it is important that the school that you attend is properly accredited/

You can check accreditation with the sites below.

Steven Said:

About Master Degree?

We Answered:

The ESL test is often required for a M.A program. I doubt based on your question if you would meet those requirments. The GRE is also often required. You may wish to go online to some schools and look at their programs of study. Then you can construct an e-mail to those departments that you are interested in and ask more information about the requirements.

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