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Physical Education Lesson Plans

Travis Said:

What is a good physical education lesson plan for cerebral pasly student?

We Answered:

Well my sister who has Cerebral Paulsey is gone into technical.. she is taking econmical classes and says they are easy for her brain to react to. She is also taking Home Ec. Which is really helping her hand-eye coordination.

Charlotte Said:

Ideas for games to play in Physical Education?? HELP!!?

We Answered:

I would suggest Army Dodgeball. It was one of my favorite games to play when I was in school. It's just like dodgeball except if one of your limbs gets hit (like your arm) you have to pick it up and hide it (like put you're arm behind your back or pick up the foot that was hit). However, if you get hit in the face, the person that hit you is out; and if the ball you threw is caught, you're out. It's hilarious to watch and fun because you're not out right away.
I also liked Red Rover. It's an elementary game, but it's funny and more entertaining when big kids play it--because it's harder to break the links when the kids are stronger.

Steve Said:

Warm Up Activities - Physical Education?

We Answered:

At 6, most the children will be able to play quite a wide variety of ball games.

Personally for the throwing to a target one I'd get a large fabric bullseye, or you can easy make one with a large red target for the children to aim towards.

For the underhand throwing they could all stand in a circle and throw the ball to one another.
For the overhand one, I'd do the same but to challenge them so they don't get bored and make it so they need to throw the ball so that it bounces in the middle of the circle and then reaches the child they're throwing the ball to.
You're less likely to have any accidents getting them to throw the ball downwards!

If there's enough time, you can split them up into smaller groups and have them do group work trying out a variety of sensible throws to each other.

Lois Said:

give me a model of a lesson plan for a physical education for primary pupils?

We Answered:

What do you want to teach in PE, which skill?

Dora Said:

What is the difference between a physical education class that is ESL and one that is mainstream?

We Answered:

I've never heard of an ESL physical education class. Usually ESL students have picked up enough English to be able to function in a physical education class that is taught in English.

Richard Said:

DO you know the names of any websites where I could find good Physical Education Lesson plans?

We Answered:

Here's one... You can even search the site!…

Here's another:…

Franklin Said:

physical education lesson plan help?

We Answered:

At the kindergarten level, I wouldn't worry about teaching the proper way to kick a ball; just let the kids have fun.

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