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Periyar University Distance Education

Jessica Said:

When will the results of periyar university distance education exams be released usually?

We Answered:

call up to your college as sooon as posssible…………

Darryl Said:

can any one tell me the answar periyar university is a good for distance education it is famous university?

We Answered:

yes i also had MBA in corresponding cours in periyar university so you carry on

Amy Said:

Any one have Periyar university distance education MSc. IT Syllabus ?

We Answered:

Information is below.

Cecil Said:

I have done my BE and having arround 5 year of Work exp IT field, I want to do my MBA/PGDBM?

We Answered:

Have you considered Executive MBA programs from good institutes like IIMs ? If you are close to them, they may be something worthwhile.

You should also inform your employer about your intentions to do MBA. You are incrasing your market value, but you are also increasing your value to them. Your employer may offer to pay part of the tuition / give you more leeway with time etc.

I am a bit curious - if you have almost finalized to do MBA through that institute, why are you asking for information on other places ?

Raul Said:

I have done my BE and having arround 5 year of Work exp IT field, I want to do my MBA/PGDBM?

We Answered:

This is Rajesh here. I am working as an Hr Executive, so I think I can give you a Recruiter prespective of this question.

The advantages that you have is:
a. 5+ years of IT exp

Now, you want to do MBA. Ok. But for what?

Case: 1: You want to develop in your field itself like you are Senior Software Engg now and want to be PM or so?

If this is the case then you can do MBA ( IT and systems ) from corres, pref from some recognised univ like BIM, IGNOU etc; but Periyar University is accepted. I think it is 5 star accredited one.

Case: 2: You want to get into other domain like Management, Human Resource etc?

If this is the case then I'm sorry recruiters will not accept!

Case: 3: If you want to get into like Consultant, Business Analyst etc;

If this is the case then you will be readily accepted in your company. But, You will have to definitely work in your company for atleast 2-3 yrs as BA or consultant to get into another company. One more thing is Periyar Univ is not pref in this case go for BIM, IGNOU, Symbiosis distance education etc;

All the best!

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