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Online College Education

Roberta Said:

Pros and cons on getting an online college education?

We Answered:

-Don't have to sit in class for hours
-Sounds like a bad thing... but you can sometimes use the book when you're taking tests :P
-Save gas money!
-Quizzes and exams can be taken in more than one day. Maybe even a week.

-You have to be a self-learner. Discipline yourself.
-You might make a mistake in choosing the wrong quizzes to take (I've done that once and failed that quiz.. the professor didn't even do anything about it.)
-You might lose testing attempts easily because of bad internet connections.
-You might even fail a test because of bad internet connection... unless you give the professor a GOOD reason to allow you to retake it.
-Sometimes the test questions aren't even in the book... because it might be from lecture only.
-When you have a group project, it's difficult to communicate as a group. (I had one, but I was very proactive about it! Just choose your group wisely and check up on them very often.)
-You might have a lot more homework online than going to the classroom.

Overall, bad internet connection is a big disadvantage. The previous poster has some good pros & cons as well! :) I'm sure there are more pros, but I can't think of anymore at the moment.

Keith Said:

has anyone finished their college education online?

We Answered:

Don't take your degree from Phoenix. They are a proprietary (for profit) school, meaning they want your money. They are not always accredited and if you call around to employers, you will see that their degree isn't really respected in the workplace. Your CC might have some online options or a state university. Stick with those options. It's cheaper, accredited, and no one knows your degree is primarily online if you attend a state/CC school.

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