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On Line Education

Jorge Said:

Are on line education degrees looked at differently when going up for a teaching job somewhere?

We Answered:

As long as the online degree is from an accredited university (and make sure that it is), you should not have any trouble. Many programs do not state on the transcript whether the degree was obtained online or on campus. It's equally hard to study on your own at home, and some would say that it's actually harder.

If it is a state university, then you know the degree is fully accredited. If it is a private university, then double check with your state teaching certification to make sure that degree will be accepted for teacher certification.

Generally, schools are more concerned with what kind of teacher you are than where you went to school.

Freddie Said:

Do you think this is a good place to get an on-line education?

We Answered:

That depends on what you are planning to do. Call the company which you plan to apply to after getting your degree and ask them if they accept the certification you will get from this college. Also if you are planning to continue your education further after this college you need to call the college you are planning to go to and see if they accept the credits from this school. A lot of credits given by community colleges, bryman college type thingy's and online colleges credits mean nothing to a normal university.

Salvador Said:

in India which university is on line education allowed?

We Answered:

There are many open universities where you could do distance education for your graduate degree. BITS pilani offers one. Online education and distance learning are different. Distance learning means - You would have to take an exam in some centers (cities) in india. Infact, BITS has a center in Dubai also. Personally and factually learning BTech online is not advisable. But, distance learning is managable - you would have to submit assignments regularly and they track the progress closely (which is good). One famous university where I did my M.S through distance learning is BITS Pilani (birla institute of technology and science). Find out more information through

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