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Ministry Of Education Singapore

Felicia Said:

Apple Store Education Discount?

We Answered:

Probably not.

The key sentence for you is "Student currently attending or accepted into a public or private Higher Education Institution in Singapore." I interpret this to mean "public or private" college or university, or perhaps something that's arguably equivalent. That interpretation wouldn't include secondary school. But the best way to get a definitive answer is to contact Apple in Singapore.

Jim Said:

Hello folks, I am from Singapore and i would like to ask your advice on the choices?

We Answered:

Forget the three years and all that money. If u really want to be a good chef,with todays computer, find all the top recipe u want and practice on that, until got it

Cory Said:

Study in Australia or Singapore?

We Answered:

Many Malaysian Chinese young people come to Australia for their final years of secondary school, then stay to study at tertiary level. The cost for secondary school fees is about AUS$17,000 no matter which high school they attend. In addition to this cost, boarding with local families is about $200 per week. School students must, by law, stay with a family (who are police accredited) until 18 years. Many local Chinese families take in students for the extra money and to help the school. Not every public school in Australia will accept overseas nationals, some do and most private schools do. Some secondary schools like Murdoch College in Perth specialise in overseas students. Perth is a good place for secondary schooling for Malaysians because the airfare home is less expensive than eastern states.

If you need more information about schools in Perth, you can contact me by email. Look at Murdoch College website. It is part of Murdoch University where I work and two students there currently board with us.

Joann Said:

im a filipino and i want my daughter to study in singapore, what are the requirements?

We Answered:

Every thing about Education in Singapore

All in One Singapore Education Portal for Myanmar Students. ... General Information on Studying in Singapore. ASEAN Scholarship. Ministry of Foreign Affairs ...

Brent Said:

*STAR India Youth Scholarships after VIII std. Is It Ad'ble to join for 04 ?

We Answered:

Please send me a separate mail on my email [email protected]
We will talk about it.

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