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Meaning Of Education

Johnnie Said:

Does the University degrees confirm that a person is educated? What is the meaning of Education?

We Answered:

In my opinion, a university degree does not confirm a person is educated. It confirms they have been able to repeat information read in a text book or heard in lecture.

Being an educated person means being able to apply the information you know in practical situations. You may be able to recite evey text book you ever had in school, but if you can not apply that information to a situation you are faced with, the information is useless.

Brandy Said:

Should I Drop Out Of Highschool and return to Alternative Education? (meaning i'll still earn credits)?

We Answered:

I vote for Alternative Education. I wish it would have been an option when and where I attended school. The important thing is for you to learn the best way you can.

The daughter of a friend of mine went the same route you are considering and her grades soared. She went on to get a Master's Degree in Finance. She said she would never have accomplished all that she has without going the Alternative route.

Go for it and good luck.

Wendy Said:

Does Tree of Knowledge mean education? Would atheists pick that to learn about evolution?

We Answered:

The tree of the knowledge of good and evil does not mean education. It refers to the duality of like and dislike. In their original position, Adam and Eve saw everything in relation to God. After eating from this forbidden tree, they saw everything in relation to their sense gratification.

Walter Said:

What is a large problem in the educational system today? What is the true meaning of education?

We Answered:

The apathy of the educators based in large part on the apathy and absence of the parent/guardian control coupled with the disregard of respect and loss of control of the student.

Don Said:

What is the meaning of education and schooling to teachers and students?

We Answered:

Surely the meaning of education & schooling to both should be the same?
These are the routes we take to improve our understanding,
but it's the understanding of how we may learn ie methods, & the understanding of what's actually out there to learn, ie until we learn there are languages, sciences, etc out there & how to learn more about them, would we actually know about it & know how to learn more?

Until we realise that these are routes to improving our lives & the world around us for others, are we getting the most out of education & schooling?

The meaning to teachers & students should be the same, just that one is a little further along the learning route than the other.

We should never stop learning.

have fun

Floyd Said:

what is the meaning of education is the key to success better english,,, better future?

We Answered:

It means that if you are ale to communicate to people well as you did with your question you would have better chances in life. The ability to talk with people is very important and that is what help politicians win election example being Obama

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