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Long Distance Education

Sherry Said:

how many universities in Canada have e-learning or long distance education?

We Answered:

The only one I'm aware of is Athabasca University in Alberta.

Virginia Said:

Is it possible for me to take online marketing courses( long distance education) ?what sites offer that?

We Answered:

check nova southeastern university

Jon Said:

does the IIM in india offer long distance education for MBA??

We Answered:

Symbois offers long distance program in management
& it is best in long distance programs

Edwin Said:

Military dependent insurance, and long distance education?

We Answered:

I've never heard that it had to be a specific kind of school. When we talked with Tricare/DEERS earlier this year (our oldest turned 19 and the ID office in his area was giving us the run around). They said that once he turns 21 as long as he is in some sort of schooling be it community college, vocational training, private college, graduate school whatever my child chooses to do that he would still qualify. They also never said anything to us about that it had to be full time.

Have you contacted Tricare or your local DEERS office directly and asked them for clarification on what is required to stay enrolled? If not I would suggest that you do that and ask that they send you the policy in writing so you can have it to refer to.

Hugh Said:

im on a year long student exchange, how am i able to pick up some highschool subject by Distance Education?

We Answered:

if in australia contact your nearest school of distance education and enrol as a single course student. this means you do just one subject through the school. if in new south wales try dubbo school of distance education. call them on 58047000

Josephine Said:

Long Distance Education in BSc Astronomy or AeroSpace?

We Answered:


The Open University in Britain offers a full range of accredited degrees for distance learning.

Do note, it is very rare to find a BSc in astronomy alone - the subject *is* best studied with a solid grounding in *some* physics.
(you'll need it!)

However, the OU allows you to pick courses that add credits to a full degree, so you can focus primarily on astronomical or even aerospace engineering topics without having to wrestle with tensor calculus.

But a little physics goes a long way!

Good luck! And well done for taking a step like this!

Milton Said:

Is it possible to studdy for a Master Degree in Economics through long distance study?

We Answered:

Many schools offer this, but some are not well recognized and are not truly graduate level.

I suggest you pick a well recognized school for its conventional Master in Economics degree program, such as University of Chicago. If they then offer a program you want, it is legitimate.

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