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Local Education Authority

Cecil Said:

conflicting interests,paediatricians and local education authority?

We Answered:

When things like this go to panel it should be with people who have no idea who the child is so that no bias is involved when decisions are made. Your friend can push to get the school to statement him or put him on the SEN register and then he will receive help this way just keep pushing. I dont think you do get paid to sit on the panel it is part of your job.

Erin Said:

can i sue the local education authority??

We Answered:

It depends on what they did, and how the didn't protect you.

Beth Said:

Local education authority grant = Grant that I have applied at student

We Answered:

If the application is being delt with by, then it will be passed from them to the relavent LEA who will sort it out for you. The website you posted doesn't exist (or is down at least), so I don't know if it's the same as the studentfinancedirect one.

Reginald Said:

How would I contact the LEA (Local Education Authority) as an American?

We Answered:

Don't worry, here in the UK we have firmly moved into the 21st century and have email and telephone! Either one of those methods should suffice.

Having said that, I don't know if any LEA would be applicable for you. Each county in England and Wales has its own LEA and that LEA is responsible for providing a place for each child in that county at a state school (like an American public school). If parents decide they want to educate their child privately then the LEA has no role to play and doesn't have to find that child a place.

All boarding schools in England are private schools and are not funded by the LEA. Therefore the LEA has no duty to provide funding for a student to attend a boarding school. Some LEAs may help with the funding for some children who live within their counties to go to a private school but that tends to be a rarity.

More to the point, as an American who does not live over here in a particular county there is no LEA who is responsible for you and therefore no LEA will pay for your fees. The LEAs are funded by the British tax payer and, no offence, why should we pay for an American's schooling? If you need help, you'd probably be better off looking for scholarships or something like that as I don't think there is an LEA who would be willing to take on responsibility for you.

Claudia Said:

can i sue the local education authority for what they've done???

We Answered:

What happened to you as a child? What were they to protect you from? If you needed protection, they should've been there.
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