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Kuvempu University Distance Education

Travis Said:

is bsc (IT) degree from kuvempu university applicable in defence?

We Answered:

yes, why not? All you need is a ugc recognized bachelors degree and kuvempu is certainly one of the best universities in relaxed. Cheer up!

Mario Said:

What shud be my future action,career,I.T,Bsc(IT),Distance Edu,NEED HELP!!!?

We Answered:

1)Companies have better things to do then speculate why you have 1 year missing from a marksheet. Perhaps you suffered a major illness etc (be creative).

2)Always look up a University's credibility before enrolling in anything. Lesson learnt i would think.

3)Education is not a guarantee of a career/job. The only guarantee in life is when you least expect it you'll get shafted (much like your current situation) and its all about where you go from here.


Salvador Said:

i am doing from kuvempu university karnataka . it is recognize by ugc and state university act but it's?

We Answered:

It is one of the reputed university

Ted Said:

Which is the best University for Distance Education among the below listed universities?

We Answered:

Algappa University May be ...

Marion Said:

assignment of msc maths?

We Answered:

haha, good luck getting someone to do your assignment for you

Mark Said:

Which b-school in India takes graduates completed through distance education?

We Answered:

Sikkim Manipal University is the government recognized university (UGC). Very few of university are offering quality distance education, resources and required data. Sikkim Manipal University comes in my mind at this moment as the best university for MBA in distance education purpose. They have study centers in almost every city. visit their website for more information.

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