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Wayne Said:

Should I upload my CV onto job search websites?

We Answered:

It isn't the best thing to upload your resume since there are so many scams out there. Unless you have done some internet research on the job website, I personally would not do it. Some websites are posting jobs that do not exist, some want to send you spam emails and some are not trustworthy at all. I would register with a head hunter employment agency and use the internet only for finding a job where you can directly send your resume to the company. Internet job scams are up 500% due to the economy and posting personal information is out of the question.

Erica Said:

Education and job opportunities in Botsawana,Swaziland andZambia?How do i search over the internet?

We Answered:

Don't go .Terrorist are in poor countries. Get a loan go to school get a great job here!

Pedro Said:

suggest me some good job portals where i can search for teachers or relating to education?

We Answered:

I'm a little confused. Are you looking for jobs? If so:

Or check the state Department of Education web sites. I know Kansas has where you can not only see the jobs but automatically apply straight from the site. Oklahoma also has

If you're looking for specific teachers, you have to go to the state's Department of Education web site and do a search.

Jose Said:

Does teaching at a university level overseas help in the job search in US?

We Answered:

proble would

Jimmy Said:

Job Search?

We Answered:

Well, knowing what you don't want is very important, and a good starting point. But, you need to try to figure out what you DO want because otherwise you're going to have an unfocused search.

To help you figure out what you do want to do and assuming that you live in the U.S., check out your state's Career One Stop Centers. That's actually their job, and they do it for free or at a very low cost. Here's a link where you can get online help and also find more information about your state's offices -

You may also get assistance from your college's Career Center. Most of them now offer career assistance to alums who've been out of school for a while (even for decades) because it is in their best interest to do that. So contact them, and see if they have any testing and/or counselling available for you to use at low cost.

A perennial source of good advice on figuring out what you want to do is Richard Bolles' classic book "What Color Is Your Parachute." He updates it every year, and the 2007 edition is out now. Or, you can borrow it from your library - if your library's career section has only one book in it, it will be an edition of this book. It's a classic because it is SO helpful.

The key advantage those of us over 50 have is our large network of friends and colleagues that younger workers don't have. Here's an article about leveraging that network -…

My favorite Website to help with job search is

Job-Hunt will help you identify possible employers and also job search networking and support groups to help you with your networking.

Job-Hunt has over 8,300 links to employers and job search resources on Job-Hunt, including over 6,300 job sites and employers by state - online classifieds from local newspapers as well as links to the various Craigslist sites, state and local government jobs, colleges and universities, all the state Employment Offices (where you register for unemployment compensation), and many, MANY other employers.

Be sure to check out the job search networking sites where you can make connections with employers and other job seekers, usually for free or very low cost.

The Fortune 500 companies are also organized by state, and there are many other carefully-selected resources to choose from on Job-Hunt.

Good luck with your job search! Go for it!

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