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Icfai Distance Education

Amanda Said:

May i do MBA to Distance education from ICFAI.?

We Answered:

for distance education Symbiosis University is better than ICFAI.
ICFAI was recently in news regarding problems in affiliated colleges... verify before u take any further step.

All The Best.

Connie Said:

what is the start salary for a MBA passed out from ICFAI distance education?

We Answered:

i dont have idea but it depent your experince and how you improve you self. good luck

Randy Said:

Does MCA from ICFAI distance education mode holds any value?

We Answered:

Yes,the MCA degree from ICFAI holds a lot of value. For any further clarification you can contact
Abdur Rahman Khan
Student Service Officer
Mob: 9986860669
E-mail:[email protected]
ICFAI Bangalore
#19/3,Srinivasa Industrial Estate,
Konana Kunte Cross,Near Metro,Kanakapura Road,

Daryl Said:

Is the LLM - Distance education course of ICFAI tough to get pass along with the job ? ?

We Answered:

Any form of learning, alongside working, is going to be tough because you are effectively running two 'jobs' - student and employee .... however I would consider asking your employer if there is a possibility of being allowed day release, say once a fortnight or once a month, to go to college, and then you study at home imbetween college attendances.... generally most employers can claim an 'allowance' for employees studying to improve their job .... it's call employee care .....

Julian Said:

ICFAI distance education BBA programme , how good ?

We Answered:

Hello,The ICFAI is not reconigenation by UGC. trey to do distance education in the named universities like Aundhra university or Madres university or Indhra Gandhi distance centre like u r brother did not join to ICFAI. OK. if u want to distance education centres ask u r teacher/pricepal.

Kristin Said:

where does the Icfai distance education mba degree come come from??

We Answered:

its from Hyderabad go to

Keith Said:

i am doing my BCA from ICFAI University ie DISTANCE EDUCATION.Can i be to take GRE and do MS in America?Plz?

We Answered:

Sure...both are not related. But you may like to check out if your distance education degree is valid for doing higher studies in States.

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