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Fun Educational Games

Jack Said:

Fun, educational games to play with upper elementary aged kids?

We Answered:

tivial pursuit
the game of knowledge

sorry losing letters on my keyboard.

Glenda Said:

What are some fun and educational games to play with 6-12 year olds?

We Answered:

Do you want games that will be fun and talk to them on a social level or games that will make them think? One of the best games for teaching thinking is Chess. Most of the classic games have some lessons that you can use if your using them for tutoring. Great Math games include: Blockus, shut the box, battleship, Yahtzee, Cribbage and chess. For Geography there is risk or Ticket to ride. A really neat history game is called the great Dalmutti, teaches social classes There are also some really good learning games offered by various companies that will help you with specific areas of need. I have one called "create a story" that works well for students with writing difficulties.

All of these games are fun.

Christine Said:

Fun, educational games for third graders?

We Answered:

Sounds like you are mentoring a couple of kids at school?
Basic classic games like checkers would be a good start. Pente is something to check out (but might be a little too difficult for 3rd grade).

Boggle (I think that is what it is called - basically searching for words in random letters)

Play some games where you name things using the letters of the alphabet - like
Things at the zoo: Alligator, Bears, Cats, Dogs, etc.
Cartoon Characters: Arnold, Bugs Bunny, Casper, etc.

Diana Said:

What are some fun/educational games to play with a toddler?

We Answered:

You could try a range of different things. Reading to him, playing catch (using a soft toy and a spacious room), singing songs/dancing, imaginative play (e.g. like a teddy tea-party or playing doctor), make an indoor obstacle course, face-pulling contests (my nephew loved this game), play indoor skittles (using empty plastic bottles), playing dress-up, etc. There are loads of activities that can be done. =o]

Christian Said:

What are some free fun educational computer games for 5th through 8th graders?

We Answered:

Oooh and has a ton of good games for the younger grades. Scholastic and Discovery Channel are also great sites. My absolute favorite (and my kids too) is This site has a ton of subjects in varying difficulty and is pretty fun for adults too.

Enjoy!! :)

Karen Said:

Is there a social networking site for fun educational games?

We Answered:

I would say

Sylvia Said:

Are there any fun/educational games for a 3 yr old?

We Answered:

Here are a couple of favorites from my preschool classroom.

Fill a basket or any kind of container with something fun like marbles, miniature cars etc. Have your son roll a die (use two dice as he gets older) Have him count the spots on the die and then remove that many marbles, etc. from the basket.......continue taking turns until the basket is empty

Cut out circles, squares and triangles from construction paper. Cut out a different number of each shape and hide them around the room then go on a shape hunt with your son. Once you find all of them create a large graph by laying the like shapes together vertically or horizontally. Count how many of each you have, talk about concepts such as most and least.

Have your son lay down on a large piece of paper. Trace his body and cut out. Talk about the different body parts and label them. Allow him to decorate his likeness with collage materials, markers, crayons etc.

Read books every day. A way to get kids excited about reading is to create a book catterpillar or train. Make a new segment of the caterpillar or car for the train for each new book you read. Write the name of the book on the segment and any comments your child has about the book then add it to existing bug or train and watch it wrap around the room.

The main thing is to be in tune with what your child likes and gear the learning towards that. If he likes cars count toy cars, sit on a corner and count blue cars and red cars and graph, paint with cars etc. Don't try to push anything or teach him above his years because that's the surest way to turn him off about learning. Good luck and have fun.

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