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Educational Video Games

Sharon Said:

Are there any educational video games for 12 year old boys?

We Answered:

Hey Autumn, guess what? My name is Autumn too:)
there are some educational vg from leap frog. i think he would have grown out of them.
its worth a try.
good luck.

John Said:

What are some educational video games for older people?

We Answered:

Brain Age for Nintendo DS

Earl Said:

What are some really effective educational video games for the PC?

We Answered:

I am a big fan of Jump Start, Reader Rabbit, Hooked on Phonics and Bright Minds-Edge. Each series comes in different age levels and content areas. As a parent and a teacher I love them all. Most important, the children enjoy them.

Raul Said:

What are the best educational video games of all time?

We Answered:

Oregon Trail. Definitely.

Nathan Said:

Do you have experience with educational video games?

We Answered:

brain age for the ds

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