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Educational Board Games

Lester Said:

Where can I find shakespeare board games?

We Answered:

You can get the board games from ebay or
They normally ship their stuff to all countries of the world.

Greetings The Freak

Alfred Said:

What are interesting educational word or english games that are not board or card games?

We Answered:

One of my favorite, most successful educational games is "(English) Baseball". It can be adapted to most any subject. It is played along the rules of regular baseball, two teams, etc. It is a good review, practice or culminating activity.

The teacher can be the pitcher for both teams by asking questions. It is best [for individual differences and to make the game more interesting] to have a set of prepared questions developed from your lessons from easy (1 base) to difficult (home run) questions. Filling in blank or multiple choice is usually easier than giving a three-part answer. You can even have your students create the Q/A.

It takes some time to play, but you can play 1 inning a day, for example. Remember to set a time limit (15 sec) to answer: use a student timer and score keeper. Students enjoy being able to actually move around the room from "base" to "base" .

Tony Said:

Looking for educational games for kids age group 4+ any thing from computer,board to outdoor games?

We Answered:

Try Lexia Early Learning Software
Also Disney has a website for kids, lots of variety and familiar characters
Finally the magazine, Family Fun also has a website... lots of creative projects .
ALso, we have a creativity set of drawers, with glue, scissors, sequins, glitter, artificial flowers, odds and ends of boxes, shapes, nuts, bolts etc. Just turn them loose and let them build.

Craig Said:

Does anyone know where i can find educational board games?

We Answered:

What are you meaning by "educational"? I can think of a whole bunch at Wal*Mart that are educational. Here is a list. Not sure of age so bear with me.

1. Monopoly
2. HI HO Cherri-O
3 Memory
4 Guess Who
5 Clue
6 The Game of Life
7 Bingo
8 Checkers
9 Chess
10 Mouse Trap

There are ten games that have some sort of educational value. Just check them out!!!

Rachel Said:

how many of you play educational board games? How do you feel about these compared to computer games?

We Answered:

I prefer board games to computer games.
I have variety of educational board games for all levels with having to rely on the mass market boardgames. I do not have trouble because of Boardgamegeeks, National Board Game Week ( The forth week of November), and several publications (I really don't have them with me right now) that list the level, age group, subject matter (math, science, history, geography, etc.. )

For myself, ALL boardgames are hard to find.

Natalie Said:

what do you think about educational learning games?

We Answered:


It helps kids "develops" faster!

And... you can find it in any Toys'R'Us store...

Sally Said:

What are Some Educational Board games to make for sixth graders?

We Answered:

You could always make a Jeopardy-style game. They're a little ebit old for matching games, so maybe you could try a Bingo game of sorts?

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