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Education In Uk

Jeanne Said:

A bit confused about UK education leveling system?

We Answered:

Diploma in the UK is NOT a masters degree. A diploma is offered as a post-graduate qualification for someone who wants to change their field of study (e.g. journalism to law) , train in another field in their specialty (e.g registered nurse training to be a midwife), or pick up more education in their field. Essentially the level is quite similar to a bachelors with the exception more information is thrown at you in a shorter period of time. For example for someone who is taking the diploma in law, which is taken in order to qualify as a solicitor and is taken by someone who already has a bachelors degree, the course covers essentially the same material as the LLB degree in a year time full study versus three years full-time. The material presented is not more technical, it is not more detailed, and essentially covers the same material as the bachelors program.

Bertha Said:

Can anybody help with employment law in Higher Education (UK)?

We Answered:
They will help you with this, I have used them loads!!

Richard Said:

How old are children in year 2 in the UK education system?

We Answered:

they are 6 going on 7.
my daughter is in year 2.
They start at Reception (4 - 5)
then year 1 (5-6)
then year 2 (6-7)
and so on

Gertrude Said:

What jobs can i do with an NVQ level 3 in childcare and education?(uk)?

We Answered:

a nanny and a tutor.

Angela Said:

I am trying to find information on WWII UK Education?

We Answered:

Not much happened during the war years. There were several changes during the 1950s. I can only tell you what I know from my own experience. I left school aged 15 in 1953. I was in a selective Central School and to enter I had to pass an 11 plus examination. Some of my friends did a further examination to go on to either a Technical School to specialise in technical subjects or a Grammar School to specialise in languages and literature. Many of my friends stayed on at school to do the General Certificate of Education that was then being introduced into schools in preparation for a wider opportunity for children to enter higher education. I expect that you should be able to find more information on the Internet especially on the Department of Education and Science web site. I do not know the address but if you type in the words in your search engine it should come up with options.

Byron Said:

Is it true that in UK education (history) that they will no longer be teaching about the holocaust?

We Answered:

No it's not true. Last year there was some stuff in the news about a few schools being afraid to teach it in case they offended some ethnic minorities (not sure I see the reasoning in that)...but that was ages ago. It would be ridiculous to stop teaching it.

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