Education In Egypt

Joseph Said:

What are some characteristics of education in Egypt?

We Answered:

the government designs courses in the Arabic language
for all levels in all schools .
everyone goes to school at age 5.6 .
testing is obligatory at the end of every academic year.
every school sets the syllabus according to the government organization .
there are language schools , English , French , German as well as the government schools .
students study 6 Primary level years
then 3 Preparatory level years
then 3 High School level years .

they apply to University Education and are accepted according to their grades .
the Faculty of Medicine , the Faculty of Engineering are chosen by the students who have the highest scores .

Andy Said:

Is college education important in Egypt to get a job?

We Answered:

actully having your college degree is something great but tell ya what these time we live many ppl was not even well educated but they have real talent they build them self by thier own hands they learned in the greater svhool that is life i know ppl from real life who they are naw rich but they didn't went to school they learned to write and read after they became 40 the important question is how to use your education to creat a good place for ya in the society coz being educated alone means nothing you must be educated creative and hard worker and ppl who have last 2 option and they don't have education they work harder to learn by noticing and patients

Deborah Said:

does any body know how much does it cost for a forigner child to get education in egypt?

We Answered:

approx. 10 to 25 thousands egyptian pounds a year.
i m assuming that he will attend some private American or British education system. The schools where other foreigner children usually go.

Alberto Said:

How old are students when they enter and finish higher education in Egypt?

We Answered:

First of all I feel sorry for all Americans who are thinking the same way as yours ....... If you don't know about EGYPT then I think it's your own problem, not the Egyptians,

Second, Zarqawi is not EGYPTIAN, he is from Jordan then he lived in Iraq and died there, I'm sure now that you do know Iraq, also I'm sure that U don't know Jordan !!!!!!!!

Third, For education in Egypt, it's level is much higher than U think, for the age students finish high school is typically (17), and they finish college typically at (21), I've Just finished finished my first year exams in Engineering and my 18th birthday is next week, I' m wondering now if Egypt is the most developed country since the students in Egypt finish high school at (17), and in America they finish at (18) !!!!!!!!!!!!??, I didn't see your site & I won't.

Third, haven't you heard about Egyptian history, how wouldn't we study history if we have the greatest history in the world I think Americans are indeed of studying history, Also how would I be an engineer without physics, mechanic and other sciences. I'll tell you something, there is an Egyptian who won a noble prize in 1998 in CHEMISTRY for his great achievements in the field of chemistry, He is the main founder of Femtochemistry.

When I read your question I laughed like a drain for the first glance, then I felt sorry for U and for all americans thinking the same way , how could you say that we don't study policy, I'm asking now have U !!!?, Now I realized how a man like Bush became the president of America, and how have he cheated all Americans in Iraq's war, that's because you know nothing about Egypt OR arabs OR Koran OR islam, this is all PROPAGANDA.

Koran has absolutely no contraction with studying any sort of science, contrary to your thoughts, it calls for studying all sciences, and from the religious point of view in Islam it is forbidden for any one to give all his study & life in studying koran and religious matters, but calls for studying all sciences.... We study the same subjects you have studied in your high school besides the principles of our religion as one subject whose mark isn't taken in the GPA but is just for our knowledge.

Last thing I want to ask U


& I hope U ain't angry

Carla Said:

Who here likes the system of Education in Egypt?

We Answered:

education in egypt sucks big time, pardon my french but it really does!!
1-children have to carry "all" the books they have to school everyday, which isnt healthy for them or their backbones.
2-the syllabus in itself, is lousy, kids just memorize everything throw it up on the exam paper then erase it from their brains, so now its not education, its just means of passing the year safely.
3-above all, a person's career and future depends on his marks in highschool, thats bullsh*t, cause some students dont deserve to study at medical school but they do anyways, cause they memorize pretty well, how can we let those "cure" people and diagnose their illness?
4-there is no tests as prerequisites to enroll in each faculty, for example, how can a student who doesnt know how to read arabic and pronounce words, get into mass communication and major in TV and broadcast, while other perfect ones cant do that cause they needed an extra 0.01%.
5-C class and below schools allow teachers to beat students, that few years ago a teacher hit a little kid with the keys in his eyes, he lost his eyes, what kinda education is that for God's sake??!!.
6-schools nowadays dont differ from homeschooling, cause students simply learns nothing there, and count only on private lessons, even very clever students take private lessons just because its a tradition now.
7-for the last 8 years or somethin, we hear grades like 107%, 110%, this is so weird, and so demotivating to students, as they begin to forget about their dream faculties as its very close to "impossible" to reach it anyways, i mean c'mon is getting a 107% easy?
8-those respectable so called "university professors" get their kids to study at top faculties regardless of their grades, and also get them among the staff too, arent those professors supposed to be role models to the students? this is so disappointing to them.
and many many other points, but thats enough for now, we dont need more pessimism.

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