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Education For All

Deanna Said:

What percentage of all japanese american people males and females all over America pursue higher education?

We Answered:


Claude Said:

How much will it cost to provide basic education, health care, food, and sanitation for all of the world?

We Answered:

For developing countries, it is $US 2 a day.

Cory Said:

"all education is now viewed as subordinate to the task of training infantry for the economic struggle"?

We Answered:

nobody's gonna to do your Tremplin IEP work for you, but nice try.

Bertha Said:

What would you do to improve education around the world for all children?

We Answered:

Since entering high school a few years ago, I have realized that several things could help us kids to learn better.

1. We need books that are not older than us. Nothing from before 2000, please.
2. Paper. We need paper. It is very difficult to work when there isn't a single piece of paper in the school. My school has no lined paper or computer paper. We do, however, have enough graph paper to last us through armageddon, since no one ever used graph paper....
3. Teachers who: a. Know their subjects, b. Can teach their subjects, c. are willing to help slower kids, and possibly try other methods to teach a harder subject, and d. LIKE KIDS! really, i go to a school where over half of the teachers either don't know their subject or refuse to teach it.

Also, things like computers and smart boards help. but those are expensice, and not every school can afford them. And most the teachers don't know how to use them anyway.

Johnnie Said:

Why education up to 12th standard be made free for all ?

We Answered:

It's a fact that the essentials doing of the Govt. is getting less priority than non-essentials.Education is one such.Govt.spends money but majority of the fund are lost midway.Everybody knows but none takes action.Education comes under the states priority but state not sensitive,state-run schools
are worst than stable.They want their people to remain in dark so they can use them for election purpose.

Leo Said:

Should America have a free College education for all pass entrance exams and who want it?

We Answered:

I would vote for it! i think are kids are saddled with debt by the time they finish school. Some owe as much as a mortgage when they are done! I am sure the typical response form the Republicans will be "NO" as they aren't much on education makes people think and Republicans cannot afford their base thinking.

Rebecca Said:

What percentage of all asians both males and females in Asia had higher education in the first generation?

We Answered:

u need to stop asking these questions.

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