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Education City Games

Gwendolyn Said:

The public education system in my city sucks, how can I go about?

We Answered:

I think that you can put your son in a local public school. He will be successful if you, as a parent, put 100% effort into his education. There are so many things you can do, for example, volunteer in the classroom or even the school. Join the PTA. Create your own parents club to raise money. Talk to the district office and administration to see what things you can do to help. This is the way to go.

Regina Said:

What computer games can you play on an Apple (if any)?

We Answered:

At the moment, Parallels doesn't have 3D support. For this reason, you'd need to use Bootcamp to boot into a copy of Windows to run games.

I play games on my Mac Book Pro all the time; it dominates them.

Steven Said:

Should highschool cheerleaders attend and support girls AND boys basketball games?

We Answered:

Why not? I was a cheerleader in High School for 4 years and we cheerleaded at football games & basketball games, the same squad both for boys and girls..sometimes we even helped out at the freshman games...If you wouldn't be cheering at both then why be a cheerleader? You are suppose to be school spirited and cheer on everyone not just basketball and football....thats why most of the schools have wrestling cheerleaders as well..everyone needs to be cheered on at some point.

Ruben Said:

What are the game arcades like in newyork city?

We Answered:

There are very few arcades left in NYC, there are only 2 major one's left. That is Dave and Busters in Times Square and one in Chinatown.

The one in Times Square was nice, it was clean and cool but the only problem was that is was filled with loud little kids.

The one in Chinatown was not as clean as the Time Square one but the audience there was a lot more older and the ones who grew up with the 80's era video games.

But Arcades are pretty much done in the USA and I think it is a shame.

Katherine Said:

why everyone keeps saying that I wont survive if I get payed quite low. really?

We Answered:

You can choose poverty if you like it is a personal choice. You might later find you want more money so you can make different choices. You might find you want more for your future children. What if you find your have a 6 year old child that wants to be an Olympic athlete maybe an ice skater or gymnast you might not be able to even get them basic lessons let alone an Olympic coach.
Or you might find what was a fun adventure at 20 is depressing at 55. Just because you earn twice as much doesn't mean you need to change lifestyle it just gives more choices.

Roland Said:

Male going into elementary school special ed...will I get paid more going into inner city? ?

We Answered:

First of all, yes, you won't make as much money. However, you have to consider any student loans you hold. Many of your federal loans will be completely forgiven if you can provide proof that you work in a poor district. Some will even be forgiven just for teaching special ed. Trust me, I'm going through that right now.

Second of all, yes, I agree. There needs to be more incentive for teachers to work in inner-city schools. Teachers also need higher pay. Especially special ed teachers. Because we do work our butts off.

Now, for the tough stuff. You don't have to work in the inner-city. Were you offered a job there? Why are you complaining when YOU HAVE CHOICES? I turned down a job working in an inner-city school because I'd be living there alone and wouldn't feel safe. You don't have to accept the job. It's your choice.

And next, I'm sorry, but it doesn't sound like you have a lot of faith in your students. Or you're going into it with the wrong expectations. I have faith in my students (and I teach in a poorer school), that they will go somewhere and do something with their lives. At the same time, I'm realistic. So I have to focus not so much on them going to college, but on becoming functioning members of society. So if one of my students has two choices: a) dropping out of high school and ending up in prison or b) finishing high school and going into more of a trade where he's working with his hands. Clearly, I'm going to push my student for option b. He may not be going to college, but he'd be contributing to society. I have high, yet realisitic, expectations for my students. You sound like you're pretty much saying your students will amount to nothing.

Also, yes, I do spend a lot of money on my students. But I'm happy to do it. Many of my students don't have a great home life. So if I can be the bright spot in that child's life, then I'll do whatever possible (including spending money) to make that child happy.

It sounds to me like you really need to re-evaluate if this is really want to do. I'm sorry, I know we all have our rant moments. It happens. But you're being very negative. Students with special needs deserve better.

Cindy Said:

What Re the new york city public school physical education requirements?

We Answered:

check out this website

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