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Education And Training

Leon Said:

What further education/training would I need to get a job as a beer brewer (and eventually brewmaster)?

We Answered:

Having a biology degree helps, especially with the emphasis on microbiology.

My advice would be to contact breweries you are interested in and see what THEY tell you. A friend of mine is a brewmaster for Molson, and he doesn't have any formal education, but he has worked there for 17 years and moved through the ranks.

If you live in America, there are over 700 craft/microbrewers that are small enough to give your request the personal attention you need. Take a tour of a few microbreweries and ask questions, show interest, and see where it takes you.

There are several beer web sites that list the plethora of breweries in the world and their web sites (which lead to phone numbers and email contacts) which I've listed below.

Good Luck and Follow your passion

Judy Said:

What education/training is needed to become a carpenter? A master carpenter?

We Answered:

Most carpenters learn their trade through apprenticeship programs. Carpenters unions may offer apprenticeship opportunities. Another source of training, if you're low income and the son is late teens or early twenties is Job Corps. Some community colleges offer welding and other trades. Perhaps some offer carpentry, too.

Barry Said:

Is Elementary Education one of the careers that the Air Force offers after Basic Training?

We Answered:

no. there are no Teachers in the Military. Only Instructors.

Monica Said:

what education, training, and experience is required to become a sports coach?

We Answered:

I don't know if it differs by state, but in Iowa you have to take a class, it can be online, then take a day course on injuries and health to get your coaching license. And being a teacher at the school would give you an edge in getting a coaching position. Schools like to hire within if at all possible.

Maurice Said:

Education / Training ?

We Answered:

Bachelor of Science in Education, Master of Science / Student Teaching, Mentor

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