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Early Childhood Education Salary

Morris Said:

early childhood education as a career path?

We Answered:

You can get a job as an assistant teacher at a preschool, daycare, or Head Start...salary would be around 8-10 maybe up to 12 an hour.
With experience, you could become a head teacher but you'd have to have experience and they'd most likely expect you to eventually get your Bachelors degree. Salary would be between 10-15 an hour depending whether you work at a daycare center, private preschool, and also where you teach in the US.

You could also get a job as a nanny, salary would be about the same, maybe more depending where you live.

I would go ahead and get your Bachelors degree in Early Childhood, its only a couple extra years and then you could get certified for public or private schools up to third grade. It would expand your job opportunities. Public schools pay around 30-40,000 a year. A little bit more than a private preschool teacher, but there is also a lot more 'red tape' and many public schools are run like a bureaucracy or a business which can be a hassle.
Either way, it would give you more possibilities and increase your level of pay.

Teaching is a profession that doesn't pay a lot, but it is a very rewarding job. Just make sure your doing it for the kids, not the money, and you'll have a very rewarding career.

Good Luck!!

Stella Said:

How much is the starting salary for someone w/ a Masters degree concentrating in early childhood education?

We Answered:

Don't listen to Chem Man. He says he is a teacher, but his answers are so unprofessional. He certainly doesn't sound like an educated person, much less a teacher.

The starting salary for teachers in New York City is $41,172. If you have credits beyond your Bachelors degree, you may even make more than that.

I don't know what the exact requirements are for preschool teachers, but you can find a lot of information on the web.

There are many paths you can take to obtaining your Masters degree and certification.

Good luck!

Harvey Said:

Can a nurse go to/ have a masters degree in early childhood education?

We Answered:

You will need to research online the entrance requirements of early childhood education programs to see if you will need to complete any prerequisite classes.

Looking at your idea in a broader sense, I envision your continuing to work part time as a nurse to supplement your income after you take a job in early childhood education which will pay less than half your current annual pay. Is that a situation which you wish to pursue?

Roberto Said:

I'm about ready to go to college for Early Childhood Education to become a kindergarten teacher. Any tips??

We Answered:

Your course will include about 60 credits of general education requirements (math, science, English, social sciences, arts, etc) and some electives. The rest will be your professional training courses.

The professional training will be divided into three parts: (1) a "core curriculum" of educational psychology, development of the child, social context of schools, curriculum, and classroom management; (2) courses on methods and materials of early childhood and Kindergarten teaching, and (3) practica and your student teaching semester.

Many early-childhood-K students do not appreciate their "core" courses. They just want to learn some teaching tricks and then practice them in a classroom.

Tip #1. Take the "core courses" seriously. If you become a teacher-leader or principal (good job!) at any point in your career it will be important to have a wider knowledge base.

Tip#2. When you are learning your methods and materials, get down on all fours and act and think like a little kid. Learn to take the perspective of those you will be teaching and leave your own perspective at the door.

Working at a day care center as you study is a great idea; it will give you a context to practice what you are learning.

Tip# 3. If possible, start this work as soon as you can and keep a journal. Write down a few things you see and feel, things that surprise or irritate you, etc. every day.

Teachers' salaries are not that bad and are getting better. After a number of years you could make $60,000 and up. You can also augment your salary by working as a tutor or in an after school program. You can have your summers off to go on long vacations, or you can start a summer business, or prepare educational materials or textbooks for extra pay.

Tip #4. Work hard to improve your writing in every course. Write a lot. Maybe start a blog about your experiences. There is always extra money around for people who can share what they know in writing.

Little kids are pretty much the same all over so at that age level all jobs are potentially good ones. Schools are very much reflections of their principals (you may want to think about becoming one) so keep your eyes and ears open for good ones.

Debra Said:

What is the usual starting wage/salary for an EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION TEACHER THESE DAYS? And how do you ?

We Answered:

Well here in South Florida a metropolitan area the starting pay is $8.00 an hour and only advances to about $10.00. We have a class through the public vocational schools that offer a 40 hour class to advance to director and a 20 hour class through DCF which would give the full credential. I'm not sure of directors pay however I can't see it being very high, unfortunately as rewarding a career as it is and as necessary as childcare providers are, it's a terribly low paying field. I did this for 12 years and then went to work for the school board as a paraprofessional you might think about that, it pays much better, starting is 14.00 and can advance to $19.10 in our area, summers off, and full benefits. I'm not sure about the rest of the country but it probably falls within the same pay range.

Amanda Said:

Does anyone have an associates degree in early childhood education? I need help!?

We Answered:

I have my associates in Early childhood education. I have Never had a problem getting or keeping a job in ECE, working at daycare centers or at public schools. I have always felt like I dont get paid what I am worth....But I love my job. Once I got married and had kids I didnt ever feel like I could go back to school, I just dont think I have it in me to do. My kids have always come first. There are times when I do wish I went back to school. everyone tells me I am so good that I need to go back. I just dont want to do all the work. Im not lazy but feel like its not for me. I live in a low income area so wages are not the best. I get by on what I make, but always wish it were more just as everyone does. I have full benefits at my job and my health insurance is paid for which is a huge plus. Good luck and do what is Best for you.

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