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Distance Learning Education

Shirley Said:

Which is the best school in the US or UK to study distance learning education for internatilnal students.?

We Answered:

open university. check out their website.

Samuel Said:

How to do Ph.D (Chemistry) in distance learning education?

We Answered:

In order to do this you must contact a University that has this option availables. I am not sure of any that do this. Most only allow Master's degrees through distance learning. What you could do is attend the Univeristy for one or two years to take all or your courses and then, if it is okay with your major advisor, you could do your research at another place.

Seth Said:

Distance Learning Education on Environmental Management?

We Answered:

there are many school
just check out symbosis university

for online training…

Ricardo Said:

Advantages of distance learning education?

We Answered:

a) make sure the college is accredited. Places that are ONLY or MOSTLY online usually have accredation problems and you may not be able to do anything with the degree you get. Ask your advisor if your program is fully accredited with the state of (wherever you live.) The best way to make sure your degree is worth something is to check with people who already have the degree you want or check with the people who will be hiring you if it is wise to seek a degree from the place you're enrolled in.

b) I am a full time college student and have take about 1/3 of my classes online. If you are a hard worker and you are self motivated, they are great! Just keep track of the course schedule and NEVER procrastinate. Some assignments will look like they won't take a long time, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

c) the best thing about online classes is that you don't have to go to class and you can do all of you work in your PJs at 2am if you want. That's what I normally do :)


Mathew Said:

how the canada government consider distance learning education in PR process ?

We Answered:

ya ................distance learnign course should be good universtiy...................

For distance learning visit…

Shane Said:

Help me to know the advantages of distance learning education?

We Answered:

ICFAI is the best institute for correspondence MBA. It has recently revised its MBA syllabus and its of high quality. Following are the reason you can choose ICFAI:
1. ICFAI ranks first among the private universities.
2. ICFAI ranks 10th as per the outlook India survey 2006 among the Indian B-Schools.
3. ICFAI has foreign accreditations and collaborations.
4. The course materials are recognized by RBI (Reserve bank of India).
5. ICFAI is recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) recently
6. ICFAI has centers all over India and exams can be given anywhere in India and even from abroad.
7. E-learning, communications and user convenience
8. ICFAI has experience of more than 12 years in providing MBA programs
9. Good Industry interface
10. Frequent updation of the syllabus based on the industry requirements
11. Study materials along with workbooks and CDs which are user friendly and have modules of self evaluation
12. Offers MBA in 10 different streams even in distance learning mode
13. The study material is the same for all distance learning, Part-time and Full time MBA programs and hence the university does not mention the mode of learning in the certificate.
14. The exams are conducted on quarterly basis, in order to reduce the burden of office goers
15. Only two papers a quarter, this is optional. You can also appear for 4 papers
16. The degree awarded after the completion of the program is not a post graduate diploma but an MBA degree from ICFAI University.
17. The degree is provided in three successive periods as you give your exams
18. Diploma in Business Administration after 1st stage.
19. Advanced diploma in business administration after completing the 2nd stage
20. MBA degree after completing the last stage
21. This scheme adds value to your CV as you give your papers as above and you don’t have to wait for the entire two years of the program
22. Payment of fees in Installment.
For further clarification you can contact:
Abdur Rahman Khan
Student Service Officer
Mob: 9986860669
E-mail:[email protected]
ICFAI Bangalore
#19/3,Srinivasa Industrial Estate,
Konana Kunte Cross, Near Metro,
Kanakapura Road, Bangalore-560062

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