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Distance Learning Courses

Loretta Said:

Does it exist financial analyst online courses or financial analyst distance learning courses ?

We Answered:

There is no distance learning courses as such which can fetch your career in international market. But, yes there are on line courses ( mean you will write on line exams, useful study material can be found through on line). The best known course for Financial analyst is CFA (Certified Financial Analyst, from CFA Institute, USA) which is accepted in all over world. And, can write exams twice in a year, enrol fee is around USD1000. You can visit Kaplan Institutes, or any other local institutes in various countries for the details. You can look into similar valuable courses CIIA(Certified International Investment Analyst, ACIIA, Zurich Switzerland, visit their website : or CFP (Certified Financial Planner) you can visit their website : for details.

Wish you very best for your up coming career.

Surya. S'pore

Dean Said:

Do you know of any reputable distance-learning courses?

We Answered:

The best places are local colleges or adult learning centres - that is if the ones in your area do distance learning.

If not, beware! I wouldn't recommend any of the national based distance learning providers because...

They charge two or three times more than local providers do.

They don't give a lot of support and usually send out course materials which are no better than a book you can buy for less than £20 in your local high street.

They are not registered exam centres and therefore leave you to find your own exam centre to register with, which is almost impossible as most exam centres will only take on people who are studying with them.

They are also not accountable to any Governmental authority and therefore have no commitment to see that you complete your course, and many of them will forget about you once they have your money.

These distance learning providers are not monitored in the same way that schools and colleges are. Therefore, there are no official statistics for these organisations that show the numbers of people completing courses with them, and there is no way of knowing how good or bad they are.

These are the things you need to look out for when using distance or home learning. When you see a distance learning provider who on their web site has a shopping basket for you to put as many courses in as you like and buy them, alarm bells should ring.

Hope this helps.

Mitchell Said:

Distance Learning courses in Ayurveda?

We Answered:

just checkout…

i hope u will u be satisfy .........

For online courses visit

Nicole Said:

Fact about home and distance learning courses.?

We Answered:

I dont know which specific courses you are talking about, but universities and colleges do distant learning which has the same credos as the on campus courses. In fact, many employees consider them to be a better qualification because you need more discipline to do them. make sure whatever you do is a credible place with a good reputation. ask around before signing up.

Carrie Said:

Give me some tips to get success in distance learning courses.?

We Answered:

Here are some suggestions:
-Schedule an exact time during your day (just like you would if you had to physically go to class) that you will be on the computer/working on your assignments. So like from 5pm-7pm: work on distance learning assignment. Of course, this can vary from day to day, based on the other things you have to do.
-Get rid of distractions...well the ones you can get rid of) phones/tv/music/etc.
-If you get distracted easily, use more (but shorter) time periods to do your work. How long before you start to lose concentration? 30 minutes? Then work for 29 minutes, take a (set amount of time) break, and get back to work for another 29 minutes.
-Break up assignments into smaller 'chunks'. Sometimes really big assignments can get overwhelming. Break up big assignments into a series of little assignments can make the work seem more manageable.
-Reward yourself when you stick with your schedule or when you finish your assignment. The better the reward, the you will procrastinate getting it done!
***Think of it like would you motivate a kid to get their homework done? How could you help to them to 'tune out' the distractions? Then do the same thing for yourself. That has always worked for me in any distance course I've taken.

Hope this helps!

Joann Said:

Does it exist financial analyst online courses or distance learning courses ?

We Answered:

May be this site can help you

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