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Distance Education Mba

Patsy Said:

Will a Distance Education MBA from IIM (C) get the same treatment as a regular MBA from the Institute?

We Answered:

Depends on if you are doing the exec MBA programme. IIMC is anyway highly rated and if you do not have 2 years is the next best option.Look at ISB also as it is a 1 year course and the ratings are also fairly good.

Lorraine Said:

Anna University Distance Education MBA Study Material Answers?

We Answered:

Contact your teacher about the math problems. Ask him for help and suggestions./

Robert Said:

I need sample anna university distance education MBA Entrance Question paper?

We Answered: - it has info about getting into this school, tips to apply and grades requirements.

Ruby Said:

Does Distance Education MBA fall under formal education category?

We Answered:

If they are obtained from a legitimate, accredited program, then yes, they are considered formal education. However, if you are unsure, it is important to verify. What school did you get your degree from?

Victoria Said:

When can i apply for distance education MBA in symbosis university of Pune in 2008.I want all details?

We Answered:

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