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Distance Education Council

James Said: ...... website of Distance Education Council of india is not opening?? why?

We Answered:

don't worry karnataka state open university's M-tech program and Distance Education related all information provide all information about online courses correspondence courses part time courses and about universities which provides distance education in India u can find out every information about above just visits us

Maria Said:

Is MCA Course offered by Sikkim Manipal University through Distance Education recognised by AICTE?

We Answered:

Manipal educational institution offers various professional courses under Sikkim University which is recognized by AICTE

Jesus Said:

Is the MBA distance learning course of Algappa University is affiliated with Distance Education Council?

We Answered:

If you mean the US Distance Education Training Council, I believe that the answer is no.

Tammy Said:

Has the Distance Education Council (IGNOU) banned the dist. edu. study centres of Universities from operating?

We Answered:

Are you absolutely sure that Annamalai University's Directorate of Distance Education has no more study centres in Delhi?

Because I found a study centre right in New Delhi

51-A, Institutional Area
Thuglagabad, (Near Batra Hospital),
New Delhi-110062
Phone: 011-29958082, 29957638

I do not think that the DEC has banned Universities from operating Study Centres in States outside parent territory. That would defeat the very purpose of Distance Education.

Well, I just looked it up on the official DEC site

Just click on 'Recognition Related Information' (scrolling text just below the Distance Education Council heading)

Territorial Jurisdiction
The Distance Education Council maintains that the Territorial Jurisdiction of the Universities / Institutions for offering programmes through Distance Mode will be governed by the Acts & Statutes of the concerned Universities / Institutions.

Approval of Study Centres
The Distance Education Council maintains that the Universities / Institutions can have study centers as per their Acts and Statutes.

I guess that should clear the air for now. The rules could have changed since the time you talked to the DEC officials.

Scott Said:

what is role and meaning of distance education council (ignou) in india ?

We Answered:

DEC gives the guidelines and authorises the courses conducted by the universities. It is a governing body like AICTE for Technical educations.*

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