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Distance Education Canada

Willie Said:

indian distance education certificate is value in canada?

We Answered:

It depends a lot on the institute/ University through which you did the Certification. also it matters a lot upon the field of education.

Gina Said:

Indian distance education certificate is value in canada?

We Answered:

Not a chance!

Walter Said:

hi! friends. indian distance education certificate is value in canada? to get job in canada?

We Answered:

no it has no value because my friend moved from pakistan
she graduated in her country but had to-re do everything
and it has no value
just find a good job in your country best advice i can give you
there is no hope here and you can get a better job in dubai or something

Julio Said:

Distance education accepted in canada?

We Answered:

no . but you can get a job in canada if you have good work experience (this is where distance degree can help ) .

Maxine Said:

I want to find websites that offer distance education in canada?

We Answered:

why college and not university? Or are you looking for a specific course?

Thompson River's University (TRU) based in Kamloops does most of the online learning -- they should have all levels of learning -- they used to offer classes through Open University

Otherwise a lot of people do courses through Athabasca -- in Alberta.
SFU in Burnaby has a distance learning area..

Many of the colleges do distance ed. Try Northern Lights College

Check out the links below -- it will get you started any way

Brittany Said:

im planning to immegrate to Canada.whether MBA from Sikkim manipal university is valid (distance education)?

We Answered:

You will have to submit your qualifications to find out for sure, but in many countries online degrees are not recognized. There is no way to know about yours. Here is the link to the Canadian immigration site. You would have to find out from those officials whether or not that degree and university are recognized. Best of luck with your plans.

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